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IR 36 Galdino :Extension Of Truth

November 14, 2015

IR 36 GALDINO: Extension Of Truth                                       Full Length Album Digital Release Only Artist: Indigenous Resistance Label: Indigenous Resistance Cover Art: Dubdem All tracks published by Atuadub (CMRRA) Digital release through iTunes, Believe    Digital (France) and Bandcamp […]

IR 37 Silent Warrior : Insurrection Mix : A New Collaboration With Asian Dub Foundation, Christiane D & Herman ” Soy Sos” Pearl

June 29, 2015

Title: IR37 Silent Warrior: Insurrection Mix Music by Soy Sos, Christiane D, Chandrasonic, Dr Das Lyrics by The Ghost, Christiane D, Tapedave, Douglas Cardinal, John Trudell, (Luana, George, Tohununu: Solomon Island dubists). Mixed by Soy Sos at Tuff Sound Recordings, Pittsburgh PA .[ http://pearlartsstudios.com/tsr/#] Artwork by Dubdem go here [https://silientwarrior.wordpress.com/]  to see various visual mixes and […]


May 31, 2015

INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE is a revolutionary musical collective creating crucial pan global collaborations between indigenous cultures from the jungles, favelas and barrios with those in the industrialized world who work their musical magic in mixing studios and on laptops. IR releases are completely autonomous self-funded works achieved through barter, little money, but an abundance of commitment […]

IR presenta su nuevo Sencillo, junto con un Video y un Mural

May 30, 2015

INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE es un colectivo musicalmente revolucionario que realiza interesantes colaboraciones alrededor del mundo entre las culturas indígenas de la selva, las favelas y barrios, con aquellos en el mundo industrializado que trabajan en su magia musical en sus estudios de grabación o en sus laptops. Los lanzamientos de IR son trabajos completamente autónomos y […]

“IR34 Galdino : Truth Is What We Need Dub.”Brazilian Indigenous Reality.

November 15, 2014

The genesis of our new IR34 release started with the making of the IR33 Korogocho DUBuMentary & Grafitti Experience in Nairobi, Kenya. IR was inspired by circumstances found in the slum of Korogocho to create a mural, the making of which was documented by a local video crew. (You can watch IR33 The Korogocho DUBuMentry […]

IR 29.1 New Generation Dub .A new IR release

February 19, 2014

R 29.1 New Generation Dub is a resequenced  version of the release IR 29 that came out on january 1 ,2014.This new version also has new edits of mixes with special intros added.The IR 29 release  has a special web page http://www.newgenerationdub.wordpress.com/ where you can give a full multi dimensional background on all aspects of […]


June 23, 2013

A few weeks ago IR and anonymous conspirators completed the first stage of our  IR31 Global Street Action .It was a simultaneous  street art action taking place in Brazil, Jamaica and Argentina . Posters designed by Dubdem were strategically placed on the streets in these  different countries .The posters conveyed information and support for the […]

IR 26 Esta Tierra No Esta En Venta /Ivere

April 9, 2012

Para su publicación inmediata Artista: Indigenous Resistance (Resistencia Indígena) Titulo: This land is not for sale / Ivere EP (“Esta tierra no esta en venta”) Disquera: IR Número de catalogo: IR26 Disponibilidad: Worldwide, Digital Only (iTunes, Believe Digital [Europe], Beatport, FnacMusic [S.America], Amazon, etc.) IR::Indigenous Resistance (Resistencia Indígena) Crea un “FourthWorldDub” (CuartoMundoDub) entre los mundos. […]

Press Release For IR 26 This Land Is Not For Sale/ Ivere Now Available On Itunes

April 5, 2012

For Immediate Release Artist: Indigenous Resistance Title: This Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere EP Label: IR Catalog Number: IR26 Availability: Worldwide, Digital Only (iTunes, Believe Digital [Europe], Beatport, FnacMusic [S.America], Amazon, etc.) Artist: Indigenous Resistance Title: This Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere EP Label: IR Catalog Number: IR26 Availability: Worldwide, Digital […]

Video Of Dubmaster ‘ Fatta’ Doing Live Mix In Jamaica Of IR Trak feat Jah9, Dr Das, Sawandi

October 17, 2011

Dubmaster Delroy ‘Fatta’ Pottinger doing a live mix in Jamaica of a new IR  trak  a work in progress  featuring Jah9 aka Janine Cunningham , Sawandi , Dr Das   among others.This mix is a dub reworking by   jamaican musician Sawandi of the Dr Das trak “Shadow Wars”. Janine Cunningham aka Jah9 wrote this wikkid […]