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New IR Album For A Free West Papua

May 30, 2020

IR has just launched a new album “IR54 If Thomas Sankara &Fela Kuti Were Here They Would Say FREE WEST PAPUA” a free album in support of the liberation movement for a free West Papua” it is available for FREE download from the dubdem website here http://www.dubdem.com.br/ir54 The album cover art is by Dubzaine and […]

“Mientras Ella hablaba, él Escuchaba en Silencio”

March 11, 2019

Una hermana Dub de Eritrea, Mimi Ketelya, nos envió este inspirador comentario acerca del nuevo diseño de IR” “Mientras ella hablaba, él escuchaba en silencio” Su comentario provocó una conversación Dub y pensamientos, así que queremos compartirlo con ustedes ❝Selam, la imagen que publicó hoy me hizo sonreír tan gratamente que tuve que compartirlo. Es […]

As She Spoke He Listened In Silence

March 10, 2019

This is a new IR design done by Dubdem that was recently posted on our facebook IR ::Indigenous Resistance. A dub Eritrean sistren Mimi Ketelya wrote us this very inspiring comment about the new IR design .Her comments sparked alot of dub conversation and thoughts so we wanted to share it with you ❝Selam, the […]

New release from IR conspirators Dubdem & Dr Das

February 8, 2019

IR conspirator Dr Das is about to release a cassette from his new electronic project  Dhangsa.The cassette will be entitled “Sixth Extinction”Dhangsa was referenced in the recent IR mural painted in Bogota ,Colombia by Chite Yarumo. Dhangsa means “destruction” in Bengali.Dr Das describes Dhangsa as a contemporary twist on rhythm and noise.Dhangsha, aka Dr Das, […]

New Albums By IR

October 12, 2018

New IR album to be released October 15


February 26, 2016

 An essential point a lot of media and political analysts  aren’t getting  about the recent protests & disputes in Ethiopia is at the heart if what is going on is a land grab. A handful if very powerful & influential people in the Ethiopian government are grabbing land from farmers, indigenous peoples and ordinary citizens […]

IR presenta su nuevo Sencillo, junto con un Video y un Mural

May 30, 2015

INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE es un colectivo musicalmente revolucionario que realiza interesantes colaboraciones alrededor del mundo entre las culturas indígenas de la selva, las favelas y barrios, con aquellos en el mundo industrializado que trabajan en su magia musical en sus estudios de grabación o en sus laptops. Los lanzamientos de IR son trabajos completamente autónomos y […]

Remembering Galdino in yet another Dubversive way :More new Dub visuals. Finding IR creations in Jamaica

December 17, 2012

These are some words from Dr Das “I recently went to Manipur, India with Chandrasonic and Sunjay representing ADF, to collaborate on a song with the musician/singer/poet Akhu of Imphal Talkies for an episode of the music series The Dewarists. Here is that episode- the documentation of the entire creative process and the final performance […]

IR Project With Colombian Rebel Youth

August 25, 2012

The dubversive joy and focus of IR has been in the hidden creative process,working away in the shadows, away from media glare to create lyrical and musical awareness. The real dub joy has been in having some dub creative studio sessions where creativity and forthright expression have been the only concerns,focusing on the creation of […]


June 15, 2012

IR is currently in the process of putting together a new full length album.Herman ‘ Soy Sos’ Pearl is currently dubbing up some sounds we recorded at an indigenous gathering in Ethiopia for a new  trak on land grabbing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJRniAsQTcs The video   for the trak   ” This Land Is  Not For Sale  : […]