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IR 36 Galdino :Extension Of Truth

IR 36 GALDINO: Extension Of Truth                                      

Full Length Album

Digital Release Only

Artist: Indigenous Resistance12033170_901818976538073_4605238612502770004_n

Label: Indigenous Resistance

Cover Art: Dubdem

All tracks published by Atuadub (CMRRA)

Digital release through iTunes, Believe

   Digital (France) and Bandcamp

Bandcamp release  HERE features the exclusive

Dr Das   bonus mix

Label Media Contact:

mtdublab [ @ ]gmail.com

1.) Silent Warrior: Insurrection Mix (Christiane

D., Soy Sos, Chandrasonic, Dr Das, The Ghost,

Tapedave) 5:24

Vocals: Christiane D and Young Dubist; Beats

and Production; Soy Sos, Ghosting: The Ghost;

Guitars: Chandrasonic (Asian Dub Foundation),

Bass: Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation).

Humans first stood tall in Africa. This track began  there as well. In Ethiopia are the Adwa Mountains.The West, aka European civilization, should remember what happened there, but sadly if you are going to discuss Adwa you will get blank stares or indifference. Italy was defeated there. In 1896. By a brilliant partnership between Empress Taitu and Emperor Menelik. The Ethiopian tactical acumen was exemplified by the Empress, a brilliant strategist she was, cutting off the Italian’s access to water before the start of the battle. Let that sink in. Before the start of the battle. March 1st, 1896 marks the first occasion where an African nation defeated a European world power on the African continent. It was a victory that inspired many at that time fighting for their independence against colonial powers.

IR felt this little-remembered fact of history should be honored. So The Ghost traveled to Tigray province in Ethiopia and started sowing the seeds of the song. On the mountaintop, he wrote and recorded the chorus, which is sung by a young Ethiopian dubist. To IR, this victory has immense significance in the global fight against colonialism happening right now.

The video for the mix was created by Santiago ”Dangerous Editor” Ospina

You can get a further insight into Ospina’s videos here

2) Semira: Adrian Sherwood IR Mural Mix

Honoring Sandra Bland, Sarah Lee Circle, Semira

Adamu (Nathan Lee, Chandrasonic, Dr Das) 4:32

Asian Dub Foundation with Adrian Sherwood.

Asian Dub Foundation delivers this beautiful piece of dub music featuring the flute playing of Nathan ”Flutebox “Lee, Chandrasonic’s guitar and the bassline by Dr Das. Dubmaster Adrian Sherwood is at the helm of the mixing board for this gem. The track was originally composed by ADF to honour the memory of Semira Adamu who died in the custody of Belgium authorities. IR, Chite Yarumo, InBassion and Rebel Youth in Colombia are painting a special mural in Chia , Colombia that will honour the memories of Semira and two other women who recently died in police custody in the U.S.A; a black woman, Sandra Bland, and an indigenous woman, Sarah Lee Circle Bear. Santiago” The Dangerous Editor” is creating a video based on the painting of this mural in Colombia combined with footage filmed in Morro De Babilonia, Rio De Janeiro , Brazil.There will be special screenings of this video organised for Jamaica, Uganda, Brazil and Colombia. Stay tuned!

Recently grafitti artist Chite Yarumo painted a mural in Colombia and along with IR , InBASSion and Rebel Youth in Colombia

arranged for the live painting of the mural to be webcast live to the Sankofa Sessions in Kingston,Jamaica .The first time something like this had been in Jamaica,

here is a section of the mural painted by Chite Yarumo

mural in Chia Colombia painted by Chite Yarumo

mural in Chia Colombia painted by Chite Yarumo

3) Galdino Transparente Dub: Tapedave Remix (Jah9, Sawandi Simon, Tapedave, The Ghost) 5:58

[Brasil] Vocals: Zumbi & Pataxó Singers; [Jamaica] Vocals: Jah9; Keyboards and Production:

Sawandi; Drums: Rashaun “Black Kush” McAnuff (Root’s Uprising).

The genesis of this track  release started with the making of the IR33 Korogocho DUBuMentary & Grafitti Experience in Nairobi, Kenya. IR was inspired by circumstances found in the slum of Korogocho to create a mural, the making of which was documented by a local video crew. The original dub track was mixed at Anchor Studio in Kingston, Jamaica with real roots drumming from Rashaun “Black Kush” McAnuff, an integral member of Jamaica’s Roots Uprising band laying the steady floor under which Sawandi’s ethereal keyboards float, lending a mystical vibe to compliment the searing lyrics written by Jah9 and Tapedave alongside commentary by Zumbi & Kokonda Dub. While laying it into the film, The IR crew realized that these tracks were focused on the brutal murder of the Brazilian Pataxo Indian, Galdino, and the subsequent amnesia that befell the Brazilian media about the case ever since, had IR thinking of a new way to retell the truth about Galdino. IR had another idea for another mix and this one was born through the creative alliance of The Ghost with Tapedave. Dubheavy bass mastering by Kevn Metcalfe (Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, The Clash) of Soundmasters in the UK..

4) Galdino Jesus Dos Santos: D. WattsRiot Mix

(D. WattsRiot, Deeder Zaman, Zumbi, The Ghost)

Deeder Zaman in Brazil with Dubdem soundsystem.he provides vocals on dwattsRiot remix

Deeder Zaman in Brazil with Dubdem soundsystem.he provides vocals on dwattsRiot remix


[England] Vocals and Production: Deeder Zaman

[Canary Islands] Guitar: Arka Medina; Mix:

Manolin; Direction: Galdino Jesus Dos Santos;

Music, beats, vocal and arrangement: D. Watts

Riot; [Brazil] Vocals & Production: The Ghost;

Vocals: Pataxó Singers &  Zumbi; Indigenous

Flute: by Pataxó Singers; [Jamaica] Mastering:

Gary Sutherland, Tuff Gong.

A bassheavy dub missile to the dancefloor.Galdino Jesus dos Santos was an indigenous Pataxó activist born and based in Brasil. His story: In 1997, he attended an indigenous rights meeting in Brasilia. Unfortunately, he missed the last bus to his lodging, and as is the custom for many Brasilians, he stayed all night in the bus shelter in order to catch the next morning bus. A group of youths—the sons of the capital’s elite judges and lawyers—found Galdino asleep. As a cruel joke, they poured gasoline on him. Then they set him on fire. Galdino died after suffering burns to 90 percent of his body. These murderous actions are a hideous metaphor of the politics of Brasil’s economically powerful elites and how they perceive the poor as ‘powerless’ and exploitable.

Our story: Indigenous Resistance attended the trial of Galdino’s murderers. We met his family and were shown the coroner’s photos of his charred corpse. I.R. was also witness to the special treatment given—and light punishment meted out to—the murderers. In the years since his death, we have watched the Brasilian mediamcontinuously mute all coverage and remembrance  of Galdino’s tragedy. This state of neglect stands in sharp contrast to the high visibility given annually for the death of journalist Tim Lopes. But we know that Galdino’s death is not an isolated incident. It opens up urgent issues of land demarcation; the exploitation of resources on indigenous ancestral lands; and the abysmal state of indigenous rights throughout Brasil in general. There is no silence on Galdino’s story—only shadows.

5) Silent Warrior: Empress Taitu Cutting The Path To Victory Mix (Christiane D., Soy Sos, Chandrasonic, Dr Das, The

Ghost, Tapedave) 5:24

Vocals: Christiane D. and Young Dubist; Beats and Production; Soy Sos, Ghosting: The Ghost; Guitars: Chandrasonic

(Asian Dub Foundation), Bass: Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation).

art by Dubdem

art by Dubdem

A groove focussed remix of track one “Silent Warrior: Insurrection Mix”. The words are an ode to the victory of the Ethiopians at Adawa under the direction of Empress Taitu. Italy was so shocked, and disappointed by the victory, they could not accept that their proud army had been defeated by an African nation, so much so that some newspapers even substituted photos of Russian generals instead of Ethiopian generals in the reports of the battle, relegating the win to another white superpower instead of African patriots fighting to keep their sovereignty. Empire builders seem to forget this time and again and think power and might trumps all: Vietnam, Nicaragua, Algeria , Kenya. This victory was crucial for Ethiopia’s future and allowed them to be a nation who never fell under colonial rule. Christiane D’s affirming chorus “you will know you will know” emphasizes the subversiveness of this groove-laden piece

6) Galdino: Pataxo Warrior Sawandi’s Defiance In the

Shadows (Jah9, Sawandi Simon, Tapedave, The Ghost)


[Brasil] Vocals: Zumbi & Pataxó Singers; [Jamaica]

Vocals: Jah9; Keyboards and Production: Sawandi

Simon; Drums: Rashaun “Blackush” McAnuff; Dub

Mix: Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger;. Dub Inspiration: Sade

Simon; Emergency Dub Logistics: Sabriya Simon;

Mastering: Gary Sutherland, Tuff Gong.

This is the original recording used within track two:

“Galdino Transparente Dub: Tapedave Remix”.

Dubheavy mastering again by Kevn Metcalfe (Dennis

Brown, Black Uhuru, The Clash) of Soundmasters in the


7) Galdino 2010 Adrian Sherwood Karoake Remix

featuring Deeder Zaman  (D. WattsRiot, Deeder Zaman,

Zumbi, The Ghost) 3:08

Remix of track four “Galdino Jesus Dos Santos: D.

WattsRiot Mix”.

8) Caballo’s Pow Wow Bounce (V.I.P mix For IR)

(Caballo) 3:17

Our next to last track is an audio ambush, so to speak, though an assault of effervesence. Caballo has remixed his “Pow Wow

Bounce,” into a V.I.P Mix For I.R. Caballo centers aboriginal chants from Canada in a pure swinging groove. It is true dance

floor fire. IR believes there are different ways to fight the power as anarchist Emma Goldman once said “If I can’t dance to it,

it’s not my revolution.” Here Caballo expresses his anti-colonialist sentiments with hypnotic grooves

Watch the video for this track on youtube here:


SPECIAL BONUS TRACK ONLY ON BANDCAMP 9. Sacred Dub For Nelly Stharre: Dr Das African Anarchist Mix (DrDas)

04:14 (To be released on the next official IR album)

[Canada] Traditional Cree chants by Jimmy Dick. [South Pacific] Vocals by The Ghost and

Tohununu recorded in The South Pacific. [Dubnoise Central] Everything else from Dr Das.

Nelly Stharre, a friend and IR conspirator passed away recently under tragic circumstances. As Dr Das was about to mix this track he also learned of the passing of Sam Mbah, one of the authors of the book “African Anarchism: A History Of A Movement” a book that IR feels is very important to read to understand the Africa of the here and now. We give special thanks to Dr Das for this mix and we feel Nelly would have loved this track and the dub philosophy in this track. Nelly loved indigenous reasoning and was someone who appreciated what our friends in Solomon Islands told us “That often what is not said is more important than what is said.”

Nelly Stharre

Nelly Stharre

watch the video for the track

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