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“IR 60 INDIGENOUS AND BLACK WISDUB” A New IR Book And Soundtrack Album

September 9, 2021

IR60 Indigenous And Black WisDub”This is a double-sided release, consisting of an e-book and a soundtrack. 
Inside the 200+ pages e-book are words of WisDub from Assata Shakur, John Trudell, Douglas Cardinal, Dr. Butch Bilal Ware and the late Jean”Binta” Breeze. 
At the center of IR 60 is a dialogue on 
• the pre-colonial histories of anarchist Africa • the Black anarchists who fought in the Spanish Civil War against fascism • the legacies of Canute Frankson, Bhagat Singh, Pandurang Khankhoje, and other figures of outernationalist resistance • the confluence of political and spiritual dub in the visionary lives of Ho Chi Minh and Emir Abdelkadez 

“Rising Up For The Dub World Within” new album by IR:Sankara F.D.R

February 14, 2021

Now available on Bandcamp !The new album by IR:Sankara Future Dub Resurgence entitled Rising Up For The Dub World Within .You can get the album on the Bandcamp page for Indigenous Resistance The album cover is designed by Dubzaine. This is the tracklisting: 1 anarchist africa2 colombia n213 standing rock future dub4 women hold up […]


November 12, 2020

Anarchist examples in Africa more common than we suppose.
those who seek to reclaim our African glory
so often put
centralised african kingdoms
like kemet mali kush
at the center of their story
name checking kings and queens
to add to the sheen
but Africa was more than those
anarchist examples more common than we suppose

Anarchist Africa::When Visions Fall From Sky.A new IR::Sankara Future Dub Resurgence Release

November 1, 2020

Anarchist Africa:When Visions Fall From Sky. A new IR::Sankara Future Dub Resurgence Release Based in Uganda, the musicians IR::Sankara Future Dub Resurgence like to describe their music as “Future Dub.” They take elements of noise, non-metric riddims, experimental electronics, dub reggae and dub poetry, and djembe and nyabinghi drumming together to create the unexpected. You […]

Sonic interventions & Indigenous Resistance Radio Broadcast now available on Soundcloud

July 20, 2020

Sonic Interventions & Indigenous Resistance

“IR Sonic Interventions” was first broadcast on 18th July 2020, on Raskattas Radio, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. It featured Sankara Future Dub Resurgence, Dhangsha and Dub Sisters Mapu, Apachita and Esaete. For those who listened in, it was like an exhilarating live gig – raw in sound and text with punk attitude, but disciplined like a Peoples’ Army on manoeuvres – everyone jumping in to take the baton then passing it on – everyone looking out for everyone else.

This is what happens when sonic experimentation and co-operation moves music and text beyond current convention. The political commentary and degree of analysis demonstrated a depth that is missing from present day dub, but not at the expense of dance propulsion. Bob Marley and his contemporaries created a framework of militant poetry with which to uplift the spirits of oppressed people. But over forty years on, it is not enough to merely REPRODUCE that template.

As Sankara FDR say: “this is no photocopy dub.” Aside from spoken testimonies, the session was comprised of field recordings, acoustic rhythms and melodies and uncompromising programmed sequences. It was assembled using a variety of techniques: post-punk cut & paste, dub mixology and live electronic improvisation. This was in fact an ‘alternative news broadcast,’ unashamedly betraying a robust anti-colonial perspective. It was on THAT level.

For all the Sisters & Brothers out there with open hearts and minds and ready to engage:


For all those out there who would hinder our ability to breathe – you have revealed yourselves:



May 31, 2015

INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE is a revolutionary musical collective creating crucial pan global collaborations between indigenous cultures from the jungles, favelas and barrios with those in the industrialized world who work their musical magic in mixing studios and on laptops. IR releases are completely autonomous self-funded works achieved through barter, little money, but an abundance of commitment […]