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IR 29.1 New Generation Dub .A new IR release

R 29.1 New Generation Dub is a resequenced  version of the release IR 29 that came out on january 1 ,2014.This new version also has new edits of mixes with special intros added.The IR 29 release  has a special web page http://www.newgenerationdub.wordpress.com/ where you can give a full multi dimensional background on all aspects of the

IR 29.1 New Generation Dub album cover design by Tapedave featuring photo by Naira

IR 29.1 New Generation Dub album cover design by Tapedave featuring photo by Naira

release.I t is being distributed by Believe Digital in France and therefore is available through a wide variety of worldwide digital download sites like itunes, juno , deezer, amazon etc.

There is a special media kit for this release created by Tape Dave and The Ghost  you can download it here http://www.dubreality.com/IR29-1Info.zip
The sequence of tracks came from a discussion on the art and dub of frequencies and sequencing between Ramjac and The Ghost. Ramjac chose the track sequence and The Ghost created some new edits forthis release. This sequencing is our imagining of us releasing a 12 inch vinyl .This would be the sequence we would utilise for that vinyl! So please enjoy !
The album title came from Tapedave who also did the album cover art which features a photo taken by Naira. The photo by Colombian photographer Naira was taken in front of the giant mural IR & Chite Yarumo painted in Bogota, Colombia . The occaison was a free afternoon outdoor concert & grafitti event organised by Rebel youth in Colombia and IR with a free concert with Dr Das , Bantu , Dj Soundar & Inbassion.The photo captures a moment with some of the Colombian children and Dj Soundar enjoying themselves during the show.
When we saw the photo one of thoughts that came to mind was ” these children could one day be IR sound engineers”
This thought became a foreshadowing of something that came to pass on this release. A 9 year old Rebel Indigenous Child was asked to record some new intros for tracks on this release . Her mother was recording her .The child overheard her mother saying that one of the intros would have to be redone before a word was mispronounced .She was so enthusiatic about being part of the release that the dub child without telling her mom went and took the recording device and recorded her intro over all by herself .!
you can hear her efforts on the Dr Das Dub Of Simplicity Mix.Very dub and in the process become the youngst IR sound engineer The album was produced by The Ghost,Dr Das , IR &The Spirit Of Galdino.

Those who wish to support the creative work of IR and  buy this album

at  Bandcamp  http://dubreality.bandcamp.com/ will receive a special bonus surprise dubwise track mixed by Dr Das featuring Dr Das ,Dj Soundar , Jerome Klur and Iquick. At the moment this bandcamp page is the only location where you can download this special bonus track

There is a special soundcloud page for this release you can access here https://soundcloud.com/indigenous-resistance/sets/ir-29-new-generation-dub-1

New IR BOOK IR 30 Indigenous Visions In Dub

New IR BOOK IR 30 Indigenous Visions In Dub

IR has a new book IR30 Indigenous Visions In Dub.There is a special page for it http://www.indigenousdub.wordpress.com/
on this page you can hear audio recordings of readings from the book and receive different perspectives which will enhance your
overstanding of this book.The book is full of wonderful experimental dub art created by Dubdem. Here is an example of one of the images Dubdem created for this book. A collage featuring the record store owned by Augustus Pablo in Kingston ,Jamaica with images of indigenous people juxtaposed in the picture.

special collage created by Dubdem featured in IR book IR30 Indigenous Visions In Dub.It features the record store owned by Augustus Pablo in Kingston,Jamaica.

special collage created by Dubdem featured in IR book IR30 Indigenous Visions In Dub.It features the record store owned by Augustus Pablo in Kingston,Jamaica.

IR Indigenous Resistance worked with Augustus Pablo when he was alive
making tracks like ” Poundmakers Dub ” with him where we mixed indigenous chants and philosophy with dub music .Augustus Pable was a supporter of indigenous rights. Now his son Addis Pablo is about to release an album at the end of febuary entitled ” In my Father’s House” it will be available from Itunes here

Till then check out this dub documentary on Addis Pablo
we really appreciated this documentary because in addition to the music it presented some beautiful dub philosphy and reasoning .Some of the words espcially spoken by jamaican selector Gabre Sellasie really resonated deeply with us because it reminded us of words we had heard from indigenous elders in the South Pacific Islands.
Wonderful to watch if you interested in feeling and delving into the fullness of dub music & African traditions espcially on a deeper mystical level.

Photo entitled"Black Power" by  bass player Dr Das.This is the instrument he uses in his dubnoiz productions.

Photo aptly  entitled”Black Power” by bass player Dr Das.This is the instrument he uses in his dubnoiz productions.

Check out new album of dubnoiz by IR conspirator Dr Das entitled “Preparing 4 War” Dr Das describes dubnoiz in the following manner:

“Dubnoiz” is an attempt to reprimand dub, to grab it by the scruff of the neck and restore a sense of urgency. It is not music for professional activists. You won’t hear it at festivals, dub or otherwise. You will seldom hear it at all. You have to look for it. It’s designed as motivation and propulsion for those engaged in attempting change from the bottom upwards (bass and drums) / those not awaiting dictates from above (bassline) / those employing a diversity of tactics (bass, percussion and noiz). It is music for aliens and outsiders and unconventional thinkers. ”

you can get his dubnoiz album  at the dr das bandcamp page


Also for those in the Portugese speaking world we would like you to know there is now a blog in Portugese done by  an IR conspirator that has a good introduction to understanding the struggle for a free West Papua and the struggle of the indigenous people there for liberation. Check the blog here or pass the link to those in portugese speaking countries that you know  http://navereda.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/onu-west-papua-povos-originarios-indonesia-genocidio/

free west papua!

free west papua!

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