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A few weeks ago IR and anonymous conspirators completed the first stage of our  IR31 Global Street Action .It was a simultaneous  street art action taking place in Brazil, Jamaica and Argentina . Posters designed by Dubdem were strategically placed on the streets in these  different countries .The posters conveyed information and support for the movement for a Free West Papua, the murdered Pataxo warrior Galdino and our homage to  grassroots indigenous movements in Turtle Island ( Turtle Island is an indigenous term referring to the North American continent ) that is fighting continuing modern day colonialism. The indigenous people of West Papua have been engaged for many years in a struggle for independence against an oppressive and brutal Indonesian regime. This IR  track ” Jungle Bases” which features Dr Das and a member of the West Papua liberation movement is a musical synopsis of that independence  struggle. You can listen to it and download it for free here:

The documentary ” Forgotten Birds Of Paradise” by Dominic Brown is another excellent resource for; overstanding the West Papua liberation struggle.You can watch it here:

FREE WEST PAUA PT 1 jamica.jpg&&

FREE WEST PAPUA JAMAICA PT 2Passerby checking out IR Free West Papua & Galdino Poster in Kingston, Jamaica at corner of Maeven &  Hope Road.

Galdino Jesus Dos Santos was a Pataxo warrior from Brazil who was in Brasilia to attend a land demarcation meeting for the Patoxo people . Having missed the last bus to his lodging he was asleep at a bus shelter awaiting the first bus in the morning when four youths; the sons of influential judges and lawyers in Brazil’s capital poured gasoline on a sleeping Galdino and set him on fire. He later died of 3rd degree burns to 90% of his body .His murderers received preferential treatment while in jail awaiting trial and then received a minimal sentence and were soon back on the streets.Outraged IR has been determined not to let this case be swept under the rug. This track Galdino: Pataxo Warrior ( Sawandi’s Defiance In The Shadows Mix) features Jah 9 ( who recently released an excellent album “ New Name “, Zumbi & The Ghost and is a musical dissection of this case.You can listen to & download for free Sawandi’s mix here :

The case of Galdino is one that the system in Brazil is reluctant to deal with . If one really looks deeply into the case then you are forced to confront the racism faced by indigenous people, the theft and exploitation of their ancestral lands and other issues of social injustice in Brazil. For  example Galdino’s murderers said what they did was ” a joke” and it was “just” a homeless person they thought they were setting on fire reflecting  the dynamics of how some with economic power in Brazil view those who they feel have less economic power.


IR Galdino posters at Rua Augusta,Sao Paulo, Brazil.

IR created the Never Been Idle posters as a homage and in support to indigenous grassroots protests that have been taking place in North America espcially in the country that most refer to as Canada. Ironically the current prime minister of Canada stated that Canada never experienced colonialism. Our position is not only did colonialism exist but it is an ongoing scenario.The original inhabitants of Turtle Islands are still today having the minerals and resources on their ancestral lands exploited for the economic benefit of the Canadian settler government without fair compensation for indigenous peoples, consideration of their traditional lifestyle & practices  and without thought  for potential environmental damage. At the same time despite all the official talk to the contrary there is still discrimination and ongoing genocide being practiced against indigenous people . Lets not forget that the reservation system and Indian Act in Canada was a model and inspiration for the racist system of apartheid that used to be in place in South Africa.

IR Never Been Idle poster at Hope Road ( in front of Jamaica
House) Kingston, Jamaica.

WE  INVITE   FOLKS   WORLDWIDE  TO  PARTICIPATE   IN IR31    GLOBAL  STREET  ACTION The next step of the global street action has now begun and this is where we invite folks worldwide to participate. The Ghost and Tapedave have created a dub IR web page where you can download the posters for free

Screen shot 2013-06-22 at 8.46.43 PM

and then we invite folks to put them up in their part of the world and send us a photo of the poster up on the street and we will post it on our social media .The webpage is multilingual in English, Spanish and the Ethiopian language Amharic ,check it out here on the IR website. This is the url for the webpage in case you just want to copy & paste it http://www.dubreality.com/StreetAction.html IR  **BLOG SHOT The background for this web page depicts various murals & art actions IR did collaborating with Rebel youth in Colombia. in the meantime check out some books by IR conspirators that have either been newly published or reprinted . Tapedave has released a book of lyricals called ” The Mud Folio”


there are some crucial lyrics here and our favorites are the ones with an edge we would could see a cool post punk band covering.We like what Hugo Burnham of the band ‘ Gang Of Four” commented : “As a drummer who only ever wrote one set of song lyrics that went on a record…I have no idea how David does this stuff without a guitar-player to constantly argue with ” Also if you are a fan of great writing and the do it yourself ethic like we are check out dave’s post ” Mud has been flung” here on the reality of self publishing .Invaluable and enjoyable at the same time.Dave also writes blog posts for the Berkley College Of Music’ Berklee Blogs.His blog posts are a favorite of The Ghost for its side splitting witty yet educational dissections of the beast called ” The Music Business” Check this post on the art writing the infamous artist bio.


IR:: Indigenous Resistance has just republished our book ” Understanding The Connections Between Black & Aboriginal Peoples : The Links Between African-American, Black , Native American and Indigenous Cultures A very sincere, heartfelt reflection on our book by  Maori hip-hop artist and film maker Te Kupu. The dub of his words moved us. Thanx bro.”Your book is crucial in the telling of our stories, for us to look at ourselves and express our own views , instead of always having our realities viewed from the eurocentric state of mind, this is what I liked a lot – the knowledge that you weren´t viewing the people you met as the “others” but as family. It´s necessary work.” The book IR9 Indigenous & Black Wisdubs: The links between Indigenous& Black philosphy & political thought .This book features words of wisdub from folks like John Trudell, Jeannette Armstrong, Douglas Cardinal , Assatta Shakur , Jean ‘Binta ‘ Breeze.


The book IR9 Indigenous & Black Wisdubs: The links between Indigenous& Black philosphy & political thought .This book features words of wisdub from folks like John Trudell, Jeannette Armstrong, Douglas Cardinal , Assatta Shakur , Jean ‘Binta ‘ Breeze. IR has a programme we call Freedub and this is where we give free copies of music , art and publications that we have created to subversive folks. Sometime back while IR was trodding in jamaica we freedubbed a copy of our book IR9 Indigenous & Black Wisdubs to a jamaican youth activist we encountered in our movements.At the time of our meeting we had no idea of what he was involved with but we clearly felt his subversive potential. So imagine our surprise when some time later we came across this clip on youtube and it was the same activist Dutty Bookman reading an excerpt from our book at an event called ” ART’ical Exposure” for the group Manifesto Jamaica who use the arts & culture to empower Jamaican youth ART’ical Exposure .Here is a video of that moment:

Subsequently Dutty wrote and in true dubversive , do it yourself fashion ;self published a very dub book called ” Tried & True: Revelations Of A Rebellious Youth”You can purchase his book here currently IR is putting some excerpts of this book to music. Already one track “3 lions” has been completed with music by Sawandi, Dr Das , Omar Francis with a dub beautiful mix by Ramjac at Hampstead Music & Voice Studio in UK . Another track is in the works with Dutty reading an excerpt from a new upcoming IR book IR30 Indigenous Visions In Dub alongside music created by Dj Soundar and Sawandi mixed by Ramjac.The track will also feature voices of school children in Colombia reading aloud words from ” Tried & True ” as they were being painted on an IR /Chite Yarumo mural in Bogota , Colombia.


HANDS OFF ASSATTA SHAKUR …the FbI has announced they have increased the reward on Assatta Shakur to 2 million dollars… well IR did an in person collaboration with her and we say F..k OFF to the FBI ….Not only do we see this demonisation of her as a direct attack on Black women who resist but also it seems to us its a conscious effort to try to deter all those who resist espcially rebel youth in u.s.a.

220px-AssatabioCheck out the autobiography of Assata Shakur and form your own opinion

This is the very first mix of the track Reluctant Warrior that later became ” Committed to Life” on the Asian Dub Foundation  ” Community Music ” album. This is a raw mix done by Deeder Zaman, Dr Das, Chandrasonic , Sun J and Pandit G . Its raw , done on probably 4 traks and we absolutely love it ! So when you hear Babylon media commentary on Assata Shakur check out her words here and form your own opinion.


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