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Press Release For IR 26 This Land Is Not For Sale/ Ivere Now Available On Itunes


Cover art for IR 26 created by Dubdem

For Immediate Release

Artist: Indigenous Resistance Title: This Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere EP Label: IR Catalog Number: IR26 Availability: Worldwide, Digital Only (iTunes, Believe Digital [Europe], Beatport, FnacMusic [S.America], Amazon, etc.)

Artist: Indigenous Resistance Title: This Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere EP Label: IR Catalog Number: IR26 Availability: Worldwide, Digital Only (iTunes, Believe Digital [Europe], Beatport, FnacMusic [S.America], Amazon, etc.)

IR::Indigenous Resistance Creates FourthWorldDub Between The Worlds

Latest EP ‘This Land Is Not For Sale/Ivere’ traveled the bumpy service roads outside the Information Superhighway

IR Indigenous Resistance is a global resistance collective creating music that is crucial to the Indigenous movement.

A release like IR26 THIS LAND IS NOT FOR SALE/IVERE is only possible because in addition to the talented and generous musicians who contribute to the recordings there are folks behind the scenes often in the shadows who contribute so much and so often on short notice for the cause. Sound engineers like Alejandra Toro Salom (Colombia), designers like Dubdem (Brasil), Tapedave (USA), translators like Moondub (Uruguay), Manueladub (Colombia), Olovotu (Solomon Islands) & Jahteecha (Jamaica). IR participants are found in many countries some of which are often described as ‘third “ or “fourth” world many of IR’s working locations are extremely deficient in technology. This creates a network and working environment that requires intense cooperation revolving around the relaying of materials, logistical help in file delivery and the usual pitching in to make sure essential things happen across “the digital divide.” What is as normal as uploading a sound file through WeTransfer in say, Boston, can take hours where IR is traveling. That is, if the internet does not go down during the process.

Some of those that assisted in IR with getting the latest release out were: Sawandi, Otro Dubista, MTDublab, Selecta Trecid, Senor Acai, Sistah Dub, Bobby Dubman & others who must remain in the shadows. IR releases show those who are powerless are not, and those in power are just a few steps away from losing it.

Tracks of IR 26 This Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere

1 This Land Is Not For Sale [We Shall Witness The Day Babylon Falls Mix]

The intensity of the mix is captured by the video created by Earth Ritual which you can watch here

The video illustrates the insidious land grab of farmland that is currently happening on a global basis, mostly in developing countries. Whether it is in Mexico or in Ethiopia, large corporations are in cahoots with local governments; who sell them large tracts of lands at below market value for commercial farms. In the process, their own governments are kicking off the original occupants and farmers of the land. Many are indigenous peoples, whose rights to their land go back before there were governments, corporations, or the thought that the land could be for sale. It is so obvious, these monolithic corporations and governments consider the indigenous “unimportant” and therefore disposable.

This track and the accompanying video celebrate the resistance that hard fought against these wrong-headed and unjust actions. The video itself was created within a process accompanied by different folks across the globe who gave crucial insights for the creator, Earth Ritual; these included Alberto Caballo, Tape Dave, Sistah Dub, Chefe Camomilla and The Ghost.

2 This Land Is Not For Sale [The Atenco Peoples’ Insurrection Mix]

Atenco is a classic indigenous lands rights struggle; the Mexican government wanted to build an airport and eject the people who live there, the people fought back and won. Although the government tried again, this time with more soldiers and more brute force, killing, raping and imprisoning the protestors for fighting for their own land, and the right occupy it. 12 people are imprisoned and give extremely harsh prison sentences. We have here a mix that conveys the real sentiments when the people are fed up and say Basta (Enough!).

You can watch an excellent documentary on Atenco entitled “Breaking The Siege” on YouTube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpazIBrlL5c

3 Ivere… The Land [Amazon On Fire Mix]

A track that expressed concern about the destruction of the planet. The video for this track captures a real life episode when IR was traveling in the Brasillian Amazon and actually witnessed and filmed a deliberately set fire that was burning ….like the trak the video is in English with sub titles translating the commentary in the local pidgin language spoken in Solomon islands in the South Pacific. You can watch the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KyYouOloBn8

4 Terra De Ivere [Vendiendo El Amazonas Mix]

The title of this mix translates to “Selling The Amazon” and it’s a reflection of the lyrical sentiment of this Spanish version of “Ivere..The Land ” that money can’t buy or replace the beauty of the earth that is being destroyed for profit and short term greed. Presently in the Amazon we are seeing the construction of mega-dams like the one at Belo Monte where not only is there a total disregard for the indigenous people who are displaced but also for the disastrous long term ecological effects of mega-projects like this in the Amazon .

5 Esse Terra No Se Es Vende: No Tenemos MIedo de Gases Lacrimogenos

The mix title translates to This Land Is Not For Sale: Not Afraid Of Any Teargas Mix . The Mexican government tried to intimidate musicians and activists against publicizing the issues of the Atenco uprising, in particular some of the draconian prison sentences that were imposed on some of the protestors; some sentences given out were over a hundred years in prison. The government intimidation were no match for the protests and musical projects focusing on Atenco, however, and the truth put forth contributed to the freeing the Atenco political prisoners.

6 This Land Is Not For Sale [Stand In Your Truth & Resist Mix]

As IR also stands for Rezist Injustice we created a mix honoring all those who stand up for their rights and resist the status quo. Alluded to in the mix title is the inspiring poem by Xandi Rose.

7 This Land Is Not For Sale [No ‘Fraid For No Tear Gas Jamaican Mix]

The Mexican government responded with brutal repression and trumped up political charges to the resistance put up by the people of Atenco .Mega mexican media outlets like TV Azteca distorted and lied about the actuality of what really happened siding with the government’s versions of events.in this mix some of the women of Atenco tell the truth of what really happened.

These are the words of the women of Atenco found on this mix and on track #5

A mi pueblo Atenco/A mis hermanos perseguidos y presos politicas/ A la solidaridad nacional e internacional. To my people Atenco/To my brothers and persecuted political prisoners/To national and international solidarity.

Los nombres y apellidos de los represores: Enrique Peña Nieto, Wilfrido Robledo, Vicente Fox, Eduardo Medina Mora, Miguel Ángel Yúnez, Ardelio Vargas Fosado, Nazario Gutiérrez. The names of the repressors: Enrique Peña Nieto, Wilfrido Robledo, Vicente Fox, Eduardo Medina Mora, Miguel Ángel Yúnez, Ardelio Fosado Vargas, Nazario Gutiérrez.

El gobierno mexiquense enviando policías a golpear y balear al pueblo.The Mexican government sent police to beat and shoot the people.”

El gobierno mexiquense junto con televisa y Tv Azteca orquestaron el linchamiento mediático. The Mexican government along with Televisa and TV Azteca orchestrated a media lynching.

La bala que mató a Javier es como las que usa la policía estatal. The bullet that killed Javier is the same as the one is used by the state police.

Pero nosotros no nos podemos permitir la vergüenza de no pelear. We can not afford the shame of not fighting.

Musician credits

Track 1: Programming, beats: Dr Das ,DJ Feelfree, Ramjac. Live bass: Dr Das. Arranged & mixed by Dr Das

Tracks 2, 6, 7 Beats, Programming, Guitar: Sun J, Chandrasonic. Sung vocals: Rio Rodriguez and recorded in Toronto via Otro Dubista & Sistah Dub. Tracks mixed at Anchor Studios, Kingston, Jamaica by Delroy ‘Fatta’ Pottinger. Track produced by The Ghost, Chandrasonic and Sun J. Vocal editing in Colombia by Alejandra Toro Salom. Women of Atenco recorded in Mexico.

Track 3 & 4 original track: Male vocals: Olovotu. Female vocals: Christiane D. Guitar, percussion loops from Sosolakam (Solomon Islands) and electronics: Herman ‘Soy Sos’

Pearl. Indigenous percussion instruments recorded and produced by Olovotu at KokonatCrab Studios, Sosolakam, Lyrics by Christiane D and Olovotu. Original track “Ivere…The Land” produced, engineered and mixed by Herman ‘Soy Sos’ Pearl at Tuff Sounds, Pittsburgh, PA USA.

Track 4 remix features new female vocal track by Geña Eugenia N Escorianza who also translated the lyrics. Male vocals: Olovotu. Terra De Ivere [Vendiendo El Amazonas Mix] produced, engineered and mixed by Herman ‘Soy Sos’ Pearl at Tuff Sounds, Pittsburgh, PA USA.

Track 5 Musicians: Dr Das, Ramjac, Chandrasonic, Sun J, Marty Savale, Prithpal Rajput, Nathan ‘Flute Box’ Lee. Sung vocals: Kereiva. Produced by Chandrasonic and Sun J. Engineers Max Haynes, Darren Lawson, Oil Wright. Mixed at Lynchmob Studio and Beethoven Street Studio. Original release by Asian Dub Foundation under the title of “This Land Is Not For Sale….” on their A HISTORY OF NOW release. Special thanks to Cooking Vinyl, Bobby Marshall & Steve Savale for release permission.

Deep dub mastering by Spyder, Kingston, Jamaica. Production assistance: Sawandi Simon. Album cover design by Dubdem, Brasil.

Media contact: The Ghost / jahdub.ghost.stories @gmail.com / http://www.dubreality.com | https://dubreality.wordpress.com

Tracks for review and high resolution album cover art available on request.


IR is a media collective with no fixed address, acting as a label, placing subversive FourthWorldDub into the physical and digital domain, and as a unit of resistance, helping to propagate truthful information on injustices committed against the so-called “powerless” by those in power. As shown in IR releases, those who are powerless are not, and those in power are just a few steps away from losing it. Their releases can be found on iTunes, CDBaby, BelieveDigital. Through their ” freedub” programme, using funds from the sale of their CDs and digital tracks, music and other educational tools are often given away (or rather…given back) to the indigenous and others in communities in the Third and Fourth World and various so-called “reservations” created for the indigenous of Turtle Island (aka North America).

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