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New Sankara Future Dub Resurgence mini album & Videos

October 31, 2019

A new four track mini album with over twenty minutes of music available now on Bandcamp here https://dubreality.bandcamp.com/album/ir-55-sankara-future-dub-resurgence ❝YES I CONSPIRE …YES I MOVE WITH GUILE.. UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE MY STYLE ❞ The album cover designed by Dubdem features Esaete  and one the guardians of Odwa Kabaka Mukasa Kingdom in Uganda.   Track 1  Wire Cutter (Live Mix) […]


May 31, 2015

INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE is a revolutionary musical collective creating crucial pan global collaborations between indigenous cultures from the jungles, favelas and barrios with those in the industrialized world who work their musical magic in mixing studios and on laptops. IR releases are completely autonomous self-funded works achieved through barter, little money, but an abundance of commitment […]

“IR34 Galdino : Truth Is What We Need Dub.”Brazilian Indigenous Reality.

November 15, 2014

The genesis of our new IR34 release started with the making of the IR33 Korogocho DUBuMentary & Grafitti Experience in Nairobi, Kenya. IR was inspired by circumstances found in the slum of Korogocho to create a mural, the making of which was documented by a local video crew. (You can watch IR33 The Korogocho DUBuMentry […]

IR 29.1 New Generation Dub .A new IR release

February 19, 2014

R 29.1 New Generation Dub is a resequenced  version of the release IR 29 that came out on january 1 ,2014.This new version also has new edits of mixes with special intros added.The IR 29 release  has a special web page http://www.newgenerationdub.wordpress.com/ where you can give a full multi dimensional background on all aspects of […]


July 26, 2012

Indigenous Resistance I.R is a global dub collective whose artistic releases happen only through the cooperation and generosity of many people. From those who relay packages of IR cds across to globe to reach indigenous communities or artists donating their work free of charge. The  release IR 27 Shadow Wars:The Jamaican/ Hawaii Mixes ( available […]

IR 25 Dubversive Cd Now Available On Itunes & CD Baby

December 16, 2010

IR 25 Dubversive cd is now available on Itunes and Cd Baby.You can read the full track listings and musician /studio credits for IR 25 Dubversive at this special page IR has created for this album .If you want to read a great article that gives an insight into why some folks icluding us at […]