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Indigenous Resistance


Now available on Bandcamp  here .

7 tracks of music that feature a wide range of musicians and artists from different parts of the world collaborating to erase musical boundaries.Some of these include Kabaka Labartin Dr Das Bassilar Membrane  Ramjac Tracia Louis Beckett Mike 360 Dj Soundar Jerome Klur Cornelius Harris UR Herman ” Soy Sos ” Pearl Christiane D Tohununu Saevo Tapedave Mooji Caballo Alfanso Craig Ryan Sterling Tapedave Dubdem.Recorded and mixed in places like Brazil,Laos,Jamaica,France, Uganda,Belgium and the U.K.Lyrically the album was inspired by the IR  book “Ethiopia Dub Journey II” .

Check out the new IR website www.irresilience.com which has more details on this and the other new IR 47 ,IR 49 releases.

When Thomas Sankara Met Fela Kuti ”

The track is a musical meditation on a real life event that occurred when famed Nigerian musician Fela Kuti met the African revolutionary Thomas Sankara at a music festival in Burkina Faso in 1987.
The track features stirring Afro Colombian rhythms recorded in Chia, Colombia by the musician & producer Bassilar Membrane who in addition to playing acoustic bass on the track also had guest musician Oscar Munar playing a traditional marimba.
This music accompanies the vocals of Ugandan artist Kabaka Labartin performing in various languages including Swahali .The vocals were recorded in the natural setting of Kulambiro mountain in Uganda.The vocals were actually recorded on an ordinary cell phone on the mountain top and relayed to Colombia.IR circumvented the need for a conventional studio recording setting
by directing the Rasta youth Kabaka to a place in the mountain where he could feel a calm dub meditation vibe and then using an internet communication app
giving him vocal recording direction and writing lyrics with him while he was on the mountaintop.
The video for this track uses footage filmed throughout South America by Santiago Ospina and in Uganda by Patience Asaba Katushabe with the final editing done by Santiago “The Dangerous Editor “Ospina in Colombia.
The track was mastered by Brain aka Juan Aguilar in Bogota, Colombia.


Language Of The Free”
After reading the IR book “Ethiopia Dub Journey II” Tracia wrote her vocals for ‘Language Of The Free”. She describes her lyrics “as a conversation with nature and the subsequent journey.” The creation of the musical track itself went through many treks in many lands.

Starting in Toronto, Canada where Colombian musician Caballo created the flute breakbeat and set the musical tone for the track. Afterwards it travelled across the Atlantic to Dr Das to his Red Reception studio in Harrow, England, where he first performed precision audio editing with the flute and Tracia`s vocals (which had been recorded in Kingston, Jamaica). Dr Das then relayed those tracks to Dj Soundar and Jerome Klur in Paris France who then created the dub influenced jungle programming.In the midst of this process Dr Das did alot of very intricate work and audio surgery to make the timing of vocals match up the drum programming being created.All throughout the journey, Ramjac was our guide, using his vast experience as a sound engineer and percussionist to give suggestions and keen audio advice.Dj Soundar in Paris,France produced the final mix.

The track finishes with the quote “We need to transcend this material world, liberate yourself following your heart.” These words by Nada Ashkar that are found in the Ethiopia Dub book were translated into the Dene language and sung by Simon Paul Dene, an indigenous Dene artist from Canada. And full circle, Caballo recorded the vocals back in Toronto.
Unafraid ”
The words and dub spiritual reflections come from Mooji who hails from the
parish of Portland in Jamaica.His words are an affirmation of the importance of being courageous.Tapedave did the vocal editing.Dr Das produced this track which features musicians DJ Soundar ,Jerome Klur as well Dr Das who creatively incorporated a truck horn recorded on the streets of Laos by IR to make a musical refrain.Dr Das recorded his melodic baseline and programming at Barrio Carmel, Barcelona . In Paris,France Jerome Klur contributed guitar & effects.The mighty Louis Beckett who can be often seen doing live sound for Asian Dub Foundation is accomplished dub maestro in his own right .He added additional instrumentation and programming and then did the dub mix & mastering for this in his UK studio SUBBDUBBERS BUNKER.
Congo Story ”

Congo Story
Caribbean poet Kamau Braithewaite once wrote “Kumina is the most African of the [cultural expressions] to be found in Jamaica, with negligible European or Christian influence.” With many connections to Jamaica, IR has been an enthusiast of Kumina drumming for a long time. Many believe Kumina originated in the Congo and their ceremonies feature evocative chants, intense drumming and dancing often leading participants falling into trance states. On this track, dub maestro Herman “Soy Sos ” Pearl was working out of his Tuff Sounds Studio based in Pittsburgh. Soy Sos takes live kumina drumming played by Alfonso Craig and recorded by engineer Ryan Sterling at the Merle Grove avenue percussion studio in Kingston ,Jamaica. “Soy Sos” adds musical instrumentation overlaid with his studio wizardy. Drawing on his experience as a dance music producer, Soy Sos created something uniquely parallel to the trance-inducing groove experienced at Kumina ceremonies.
Lyricist Tracia watched documentaries on the Congo like The History of Patrice Lumumba, the Congo, and Colonization on YouTube [https://youtu.be/icdzgvP056s] and PATRICE LUMUMBA’s STORY-A TRUE AFRICAN NATIONALIST” also on YouTube [https://youtu.be/2UkAFGecf-E]. As Tracia says in her own words ” Patrice Lumumba’s story must be told by every tongue until every ear had heard it. One can’t tell Lumumba’s story & not tell di Congo’s” With those lyrics and IR’s music, Congo Story is a meditation of promise denied, of the future curtailed, of assassination—character and physical. Cornelius Harris from UR lends his vocals at the start of the track to provide an introduction to Tracia`s sung vocals recorded in Jamaica.
Resurgence ”
Programming & production by Dr Das at Red Reception ,Harrow ,UK.
In the words of Dr Das “This track is the sonic consequence of Dr Das as a dub musician ,listening to UR for over a decade and contains sounds and frequencies from supposedly disparate musical and cultural communities .It is a spiritual call for a resurgence of compassion and empathy as the driving force in the relations and interactions between people,not egos or material gain .”


Kumina Dub Sparks From John Trudell”
The words and reflections of John Trudelll that can be found in the book “Ethiopian Dub Journey II ” Trudell an indigenous activist and poet was a former chairperson of the American Indian Movement.His power of oratory and clear thinking were so feared by the Fbi that they kept a 20 000 page file on him.
On this track his words are read by Tracia and Cornelius Harris from UR (Underground Resistance)They are set against Kumina drumming
recorded in Jamaica anchored by the flute of Mike 360 recorded in New Mexico .Flute player and beat boxer Mike 360 was introduced to IR by Jamaican author Dutty Bookman . Dutty met Mike when he was djing a roots reggae session on Apache territory in New Mexico .In the words of Dutty at the session ” I bigged up the Apache on the microphone and a bredrin who is Apache came to the microphone towards the end of the night and started blowing his wooden flute so beautifully. It was a great moment”
Percussion and bass from from Dr Das joins percussion and keyboards from Louis Beckett who gave the track a fierce dub mix in his SUBBDUBBERS BUNKER
The dub song title came from Tapedave
Special bonus track for ” IR 49 Language Of The Free:Sparks For Dub Fires”
Is “Sacred Dub For Nelly Stharre:Dr Das African Anarchist Mix”

This special mix for IR was done in 2015 by Dr Das in memory of our friend and IR conspirator Nelly Stharre.More than three years later there has still not been a properly concluded investigation into the cause of her death.This is unacceptable!Nelly loved indigenous reasoning and was someone who appreciated what our friends in Solomon islands told us “That often what is not said is as important than what is said”
As Dr Das was about to mix this track he learnt about the passing of Sam Mbah one of the authors of the book “African Anarchism :A History Of A Movement ” ( See Sharp Press ,Tuscon Arizona )
A book IR feels is very important!

This track was produced and mixed by Dr Das .Players of instruments Dr Das and DJ Soundar. Vocals include those by Jimmy Dick and Tohununu .

Listen to IR49 Language of the Free - Sparks For Dub Fires
On SoundCloud listen to all 7 tracks 


Also available on Band camp is IR 48 Indigenous Resilience:Caballo feat Simon Paul Dene.
It is available here

Caballo and the Latino Resiste label were introduced to IR some years ago by
Sistah Dub.Over the years IR has been heartened by some of Caballo releases that paid attention to social injustice and indigenous rights especially his vision in seeing the joint struggles faced by indigenous people’s in both North and South America.
IR contributed a track to the Rebelsounds & Latino Resiste special compilation for the 20 year anniversary of the Zapatista movement ‘EZLN: 20 Years ‘ Caballo then contributed the track ‘Pow Wow Bounces to the 2015 IR release ‘IR 26 Galdino:Extension Of Truth “.
“IR 48 Indigenous Resilience:Caballo feat Simon Paul Dene “is a dance track which lyrically is a tribute to the resilience of indigenous people in Canada.
The lyrics translated into English mean “resilient like a rock and still walking with the grace and power of flowing water”.
In the face of genocide and the trauma of issues like the horrors of residential school ,the extreme callousness and sheer indifference to the murder and disappearance of indigenous women there are a litany of injustices still being faced by indigenous people in Canada.Yet in spite of all of this ,there is resilience and resistance.This track is entirely in the Dene language and it is spoken by the great Dene visual artist Simon Paul Dene .You can check some of his work and learn about his life story here http://www.simonpauldene.com
Simon Paul has displayed remarkable tenacity & sheer dub to maintain and speak his own original indigenous language fluently.It is not by chance that colonialists as one of their key tools of genocide set out todestroy and erase indigenous languages.In Brazil before the arrival of the Portuguese colonialists there were over two thousand indigenous languages now they are only a little over two hundred surfing indigenous languages .In Canada indigenous children were BRUTALISED for speaking their indigenous languages.So for IR having a track only in an indigenous language is an act of resistance~indigenous resistance.

Listen to IR 48  Indigenous Resilience : Caballo feat Simon Paul Dene -  on SoundCloud

Also launched on Oct 15 was the IR album ” IR47 Language Of The Free:Dub Resurgence”

It is available on iTunes HERE</as

A special bonus track for IR 47 Language Of The Free : Dub Resurgence “Indigenous & Sacred ~African Anarchist Meditation ” [Tapedave Edit]This was a collaboration between IR and Herman “,Soy Sos “Pearl and Christiane Delores.IR was initially introduced to them by Prasonik in Toronto for a collaboration we were doing with artists from Greenland. Since then working with them has developed into one of IR favorite collaborative experiences.Producer Soy Sos dub intuitive and imaginative approach to the creative process a perfect fit with the IR reality of often making tracks in remote challenging locations with minimal of resources but an abundance of dub spirit.

The IR musicians on this track are indigenous people from the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific.The indigenous musicians recorded vocals and never before recorded traditional instruments and sent them via internet to Soy Sos and Christian D wh in turn sent back mixes and vocals.This back and forth of musical ideas and recordings through the net resulted in this track ,”Indigenous &sacred” a blend of electronic and acoustic instruments drenched in dub and propelled by groove.
Here is a lyrical excerpt from the track ” in times of danger ,be still…Understand the concept of sacred things/there are moments to hold things close /moments to reveal them /



Posters designed by Dubdem for the new IR album
IR 47 Language Of The Free :Dub Resurgence
Also released on October 15 will be
IR 48 Indigenous Resilience :Caballo feat Simon Paul Dene

IR 49 Language of the Free :Sparks For Dub Fires

IR is hosting different events in Uganda and Jamaica to celebrate the launch off these releases
Also special live. broadcasts will cekebrate the r please.One such session will be with the Senegalese soundsystem Jahlow.


das 0557875_16

IR  conspirator Dr Das has a new 8 track album ” Caustic ” that is now available on Bandcamp https://drdas.bandcamp.com/album/caustic

Mastered by Ramjac and with the dub influence of Detroit”s radical ” Underground Resistance” (UR  ) this is a release with a militant sonic feel and direction. We strongly advise you to check it !



En esta zona de Colombia, en el pueblo de Chía, el grupo indígena Muisca se referían a esta zona como la tierra de los sueños.


El mural “Etiopía: El Viaje” fue posible gracias a un sueño que tuvo lugar en algún lugar de Chía. Alguien en IR soñó que tuvo una conversación con Jah9 donde ella pensaba hacer un mural IR en Chía. De alguna manera parecía hacer referencia a algo en el futuro, y es en ese momento cuando IR decide hacer un nuevo mural.
El concepto sería una presentación visual del “spiritual dub” en el libro “Etiopía: El Viaje”.

Como en el libro, en el mural también se incorporan imágenes y filosofía de pueblos indígenas de Norte y Sur América.

También se exponen las sabias palabras del filósofo y activista indígena John Trudell.



Tal y como en las montañas de Colombia, las de Etiopía tienen un magnífico poder espiritual, como construcciones antiguas utilizadas para realizar cultos espirituales.



Hay dos tipos de lenguajes Etíopes pintados en el mural, El Geez y el Amharic. Geez es la lengua más antigua ene l mundo que aún se escribe, por ejemplo, en los manuscritos antiguos como el Kebre Negast fueron escritos en Geez. Desde la perspectiva IR, el Geez es un lenguaje de código, y este mural ciertamente contiene bastantes códigos. El otro lenguaje que aparece en el mural es el Amharic, el cual es uno de las principales lenguas de Etiopía. La frase “Elevarse a sí mismo” ha sido traducida y escrita en Amharic y en Geez y también en otros tipos de código.

El mural también incorpora algo de la filosofía de una activista colombiana que es una reflexión sobre algunas realidades políticas en Colombia. Todos estos temas están conectados y se complementan por el arte realizado para el nuevo album de Jah9 “9”(el mismo que IR vio en el sueño).
La canción de fondo del video es creación del músico y compositor jamaiquino Sawandi y es una mezcla hecha especialmente para IR, “Reverse” sacada de su último lanzamiento “Beats, Child, Life Vol.1″.
Para los que estén interesados en conocer más a cerca de este libro “Etiopía: El Viaje” (donde la mayoría de imágenes que están en el mural fueron extraídas del libro) El Museo Nacional de Etiopía estará mostrando una exhibición del libro en 2017. También habrá una versión Dub del libro “Etiopía: EL Viaje II” hecho por Dubdem, quien también fue el responsable de crear el diseño de la versión original del libro y de los posters que se ven en el mural. Dubdem también diseño los elementos que complementaron el arte del último album de Jah9 hecho por Javan Puran.

El mural terminado reune todos estos elementos e influencias de diferentes fuentes como Etiopía, Brasil, Colombia, Jamaica e Isla Tortuga.

Este video fue filmado y editado por la artista visual colombiana Dub Code II quien documentó todo el proceso creativo de este mural realizado en Chía-Colombia. Muchas gracias a la gente “dub” de Chía.

Los diseños de Caleta Dub y Dub Code II que se muestran en esta publicación fueron diseñados por Tapedave. El diseño UP y varios de los posters del Libro fueron creados por Dubdem. Agradecemos especialmente al artista Etiópe Yodit D por la contribución con sus stencil y a Paaula y A^a.S por su trabajo en el muro y a Dub Code II por el dub visual.

  • In this area of Colombia around the city of Chia , the original indigenous inhabitants the Muisca people referred to the area as the land of dreams.caletadub-1

The mural ” Ethiopia The Journey” came about because of a dream that took place in Chia. Someone in IR dreamt where they saw the artwork for the new Jah9album and they had a conversation with Jah9 where she was talking about and thanking IR for a mural. Somehow it seemed to be referencing something in the future, so at that moment IR decided to make a new mural.The concept would be a visual presentation of the spiritual dub of Ethiopia as expressed in the new IR book ” Ethiopia The Journey”.


Like the book the mural also incorporates imagery and philosophy from indigenous peoples from North & South America. For example we have words of philosophy from the indigenous activist and philosopher John Trudell.



Like the mountains of Colombia ,the mountains of Ethiopia have a maginificent spiritual power and tucked away in the mountains are ancient buildings used for spiritual worship.


The languages that are painted on the mural are in two Ethiopian languages Geez and Amharic.


Geez is the most ancient Ethiopian language and the oldest language in the world still being written.The ancient manuscripts like the Kebre Negast were written in Geez . Geez from IR perspective is a language of code and this mural truly contains a lot of code.


The other language the mural is written in is Amharic which is one of the principle language of Ethiopia. The phrase ‘Elevate Oneself ” has been translated and written in Amharic and GEEZ as well as other codes.The mural also incorporates some philosophy from a local Colombian activist that are a reflection on political realities of Colombia.All these different themes are connected and complimented by the artwork for the new Jah9 album ” 9″ that IR saw in a dream. The soundtrack for this video is provided by Jamaican musician ,composer and dub parent Sawandi and a special mix he did for IR of his track ,”Reverse” taken from his recent release “Beats,Child,Life Vol 1 “For those interested in more about the book “Ethiopia The Journey ” from where most of the images of this mural are from; the National Museum Of Ethiopia will be holding an exhibition on the book in 2017. There will also be a Dub version of the book “Ethiopia Dub Journey II”with  a special mix by Dubdem.Dubdem was also responsible for the design of the original version of the book and the posters you see on the mural that are from the book.Dubdem designs beautifully compliments the Jah9 artwork done by Joavan Puran.


The final completed mural weaves together all these different elements and influences from dub sources like Ethiopia,Brazil,Colombia,Jamaica and Turtle Island.


This video was filmed and edited by Colombian visual artist Dub Code II and documents the creative process and context of the mural as it was painted in Chia, Colombia by Rebel Youth.Special thanks to the dub people of  Chia.



The Caleta Dub and Dub Code II designs you see on this post was created by Tapedave.The UP design and various Ethiopian Journey posters were created by Dubdem.The poster which was a glossary of the text found in the mural and which also listed the various artistic contributors was created by Ana A Secas.Special thanks to Ethiopian grafitti artist Yodit D. for her stencil art contribution and to Paaula &   A ^a.S   for their work on the wall and Dub Code II for the special tranquilo visual dub feeling.


For Immediate Release

Artist: Indigenous Resistance
Title: IR 38 Waiting For The Right Moment
Label: IR  |  Catalog Number: IR38
Availability: iTunes [ https://goo.gl/7wvaWb ] CDBaby [ http://goo.gl/q5wxqP ]

Dub actions coordinated in Ethiopia for the 120th anniversary of victorious Ethiopia at Adwa.

Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA (04/04/2016) — On March 19th, IR launched their new single “IR38 Waiting For The Right Moment: The Adwa Victory Groove Mix” to commemorate the 120th anniversary of that historic battle at Adwa between Italian forces and an army of Ethiopians. The song honors the historic Ethiopian victory, which marked the first time that an African army defeated a European colonial power; ingenuity and tactics won over muscle and might. 

In Ethiopia, the month of March is used to celebrate this victory throughout the country and IR will be immersed in the celebrations by releasing the music and the attendant video created by Colombian Director Santiago “Dangerous Editor” Ospina. Tsega Events has arranged with IR to premiere the video at an art & music festival being held at here in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

The festival, Adwa Victory Groove, was inspired by IR mix and culminated with a performance on March 19 by Ras Kawintseb & Aeti-oPHrika an Ethiopian roots reggae band who will showcase material from their new album Touch of Tsion which will be released internationally on Akashic Records out of U.S.A. The festival also featured visual artists Ras Indrias and Solomon and maintained a continuous flow of visual art throughout with the exhibition of videos from the IR catalog.

The impact of the festival in the media brought to light the work of IR with the single, IR38 Waiting For The Right Moment, featured on major radio stations throughout Ethiopia with discussion around the track’s relationship to the Battle of Adwa.


IR simultaneously organized clandestine Street Actions throughout the city of Addis Ababa with artwork created in collaboration with Brazilian artist Dubdem, who also designed the cover art for the new single. This IR Street Action was done in conjunction with an Ethiopian sistren Yodit Dub, a graffiti artist who has painting the walls of Addis Ababa for many years. The dub art informed Ethiopians of the struggles by their indigenous brothers and sisters of the Free West Papua liberation movement and to honor the late Brazilian warrior, Galdino.

IR documented these Street Actions for a new IR “Dubbing The Grafitti In Geez: An Ethiopian DubUmentry”. which will be broadcast live to the Sankofa Sessions in Kingston, Jamaica.

The video for “Waiting For The Right Moment” was filmed in Peru and Bolivia by Santiago Ospina with additional footage of vocalist Christiane D, filmed in the woods of Pittsburgh, PA USA by Trey Amador. Santiago’s poetic filmmaking style visualizes the reality facing the indigenous peoples of Peru and Bolivia. His images serve to underscore the track’s inspiration of uprising and determination, especially within the lyrics of Christiane D, whose chorus of “waiting for the right moment/waiting for the right moment to appear/waiting for the right moment to work/waiting for the right moment to disappear” conjures memories of the battlefield and the armies ready to fight. The production also features Ethiopian vocals that were recorded at the actual location of the battle, at Adwa Mountain in Tigray province in Ethiopia.

The track was created collaboratively via the internet with Dr Das and Chandrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation contributing bass and guitar from their locations in Belgium and the UK, while producer Soy Sos in his Tuff Sound Recording Studios in Pittsburgh, PA USA, contributed beats and his dub intuitive producing skills to the lyrics that came together through the joint song writing efforts of Tape Dave in Boston, MA USA, The Ghost floating somewhere within Africa and Christiane D in Pittsburgh.

IR is not only pleased to have the premiere of the video for this single to happen live in Ethiopia but also to be able to present other IR DubUmentary productions like Semira: Silence Is Not An Option and IR 33: The Korogocho, Kenya DubUmentary and Graffiti Experience. This last DubUmentary was filmed in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi, Kenya and documents the subversive IR street action organized around the painting of a giant mural within the slum. The mural illustrates a number ideas flowing from depictions of the Idle No More indigenous protests in North America, the brutally murdered Brazilian indigenous activist, Galdino, and the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya against British colonialists. The mural also features truths uttered by the late indigenous activist John Trudell. His words of self-empowerment were collected from the book IR 30 Indigenous Visions In Dub.

The soundtrack for IR 33: The Korogocho, Kenya Dubmentary and Graffiti Experience features IR tracks with contributions from IR co-conspirators, DJ Soundar, Jah 9, Sawandi, Dutty Bookman, Tape Dave, Dr Das and the dub mixing skills of famed Jamaican engineer Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger.

Semira: Silence Is Not An Option is a DubUmentary filmed by Santiago “Dangerous Editor” Ospina in Chia, Colombia and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It follows another IR street action with Colombian Rebel Youth graffiti artists painting murals of Semira Adamu, Sandra Bland, Sarah Two Circles Bear and Nelly Stharre. The graphic illustration honoring murdered innocents is propelled by a talk with activists Rosiane and Franci Cardosa, two Brazilian black women living in a Rio de Janeiro favela. The women discuss their weapons of resistance: learning, knowledge and art. A track by Asian Dub Foundation from their most recent album More Signal, More Noise drives the soundtrack of the DubUmentary.

With visions of a bigger picture, IR continuously seeks to create combustible connections, the world over, tying artists and activists into projects that are steeped with the struggles of the indigenous. Recently Jamaican writer Dutty Bookman, with his partner, Sasha, visited Bogota, Colombia where they met with IR co-conspirators, the Colombian graffiti artists Chite Yarumo and Ana Seca.

A few years earlier, IR had organized the painting of a giant mural in the Candelaria neighbourhood of Bogota, featuring images and words from Dutty Bookman, Jah 9, Franz Fanon, Chief Poundmaker, Hualani Kay Trask, Galdino, Sawandi, D. WattsRiot and Dr Das. Within the mural is also a visual tribute to the seminal OnUSound label of Adrian Sherwood and “Minga Indigenia”, the historic protest march of Colombia’s indigenous. Having Dutty actually in Colombia to see first hand the images and words from him that IR, inBASSion and Colombian Rebel Youth painted was a real dub moment for all involved.

IR continues to make innovative dub linkages with a recent street action/live webcast in collaboration with inBASSion and Colombian Rebel Youth. They organized a live webcast of artist Chite Yarumo painting another subversive mural broadcast direct from Colombia to the Kingston, Jamaica, based Sankofa Sessions, a music and art event hosted DJ I set Sankofa.

This kind of dub linkage continued recently when The 3rd Shirt of Valencia, Spain, contacted IR. This artist collective had been following the work of IR for more than a decade when they tipped off to IR work by one of our conspirators D. WattsRiot. Ghetto Priest, a vocalist on many beautiful OnUSound productions and also vocalist with Asian Dub Foundation, had created some T-shirts with them recently and hipped them to our contact info. The 3rd Shirt creates quality hand-screen printed secondhand wear as well as with new old stock. They print with eco- certified water-based colours, for, as they say, “ecological and social reasons…not fashion, just style and statement!” The result is another dub collaboration where IR fans will be able to get special screen printed IR shirts that are as eco-friendly as possible through the The 3rd Shirt’s Etsy store [ https://www.etsy.com/shop/3rdShirt?ele=shop_open ] and check out them on Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/the3rdshirt/ ].


IR, Indigenous Resistance, is a global resistance collective creating music crucial to the Indigenous movement. IR also means Resist Injustice. We are constantly waiting for the right moments to use to our fullest potential. The IR philosophy is clearly summarized by one of the phrases painted beside the portrait of Sandra Bland that was painted in the Chia, Colombia mural. The original is in Spanish; translated it urges “with love and resistance in our hearts we fight against Babylon system”.

Christiane D has a new solo EP out called Amor Fati which famed multi-media artist, Alexi Morrissey, calls “a strange cabaret where the legitimate quirkiness of Laurie Anderson, the poetic earnestness of Jeff Buckley and the jazz/gospel stylings of a glittering, long-dead era” and writer/artist/curator, Justin Hopper realized “these sweet, catchy, air-tight songs have been bought and paid for by a real woman over the course of a lifetime. If acceptance is the adult version of patience then this music shows you can have peace with a broken world.”

Christiane D official site [ http://www.christiane-d.us/ ]
Amor Fati on CD Baby [ http://goo.gl/e89VNf ]


cover art for the EP Amor Fati .photo by Curtis R eaves:concept by Christiane D

Crucial collaborations through IR have been produced across the oceans with Soy Sos. There were memorable exchanges where IR indigenous collaborators from the Solomon Islands would send Soy Sos recordings of musical patterns that they had played using ancient traditional instruments. Even though they did not send instructions about how they felt the instrumentation they recorded could be incorporated in the overall composition when they listened back to what he recreated in his Tuff Sounds studio, they were simply blown away. They felt it was like Soy was literally reading their minds in terms of how they felt their musical vibes should be incorporated.. His dub intuitive producing style has flowed brilliantly with IR’s open laboratory style of creativity. When this has combined with Christiane D’s dub writing and vocal abilities, the results have been made for truly memorable collaborations IR is extremely proud to release.

Tuff Sound Recording [http://www.tuffsoundrecording.com/ ]

Frequent collaborators, Asian Dub Foundation have mixed their trademark fusion of punk, electronic beats, reggae, bhangra and hip-hop with artists such as Radiohead, Chuck D, Primal Scream and Sinead O’Connor, criticizing control and oppression. They are celebrated for their brilliant live shows and have previously performed live soundtracks to films including La Haine and Battle of Algiers. ADF wear their political hearts on their sleeves through all their work. Their timely and masterly reinterpretation of George Luca’s debut film, THX 1138, reveals how many of the themes Lucas dealt with in the 1971 have ultimately proved to be prescient. ADF have a new video “Ragga Blade” filmed completely live with none of that usual music video miming. It was filmed by Global Faction and produced by Louis Beckett. It perfectly captures the dub live power of ADF. Watch it here [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sAV3pBpwis]

ADF Official site [ http://asiandubfoundation.com/site/ ]
ADF More Signal/More Noise [ http://goo.gl/KGShcU ]

More IR at http://www.dubreality.com

IR Press Contact: mtdublab(@)gmail.com

Artista: Indigenous Resistance
Título: IR38 Waiting For The Right Moment
Sello: IR  | Catalog Number: IR38
Disponibilidad: iTunes { https://goo.gl/7wvaWb ] CDBaby [ http://goo.gl/q5wxqP ]
Acciones al estilo Dub coordinadas en Etiopía para el Aniversario Nº. 120 de la victoria de la Batalla de Adwa
Addis Ababa, Etiopía (04/04/2016) – En Marzo 19, IR lanzó al público su nuevo sencillo “IR38 Waiting Fot The Right Moment: The Adwa Victory Groove Mix” para conmemorar el aniversario Nº. 120 de esta histórica batalla entre fuerzas italianas y un ejército de Etíopes en resistencia. Este track rinde homenaje a la histórica victoria Etíope, que marcó la primera vez que un ejercito Africano derrota a una potencia colonial Europea, esta vez la ingenuidad y táctica triunfan sobre el músculo y la fuerza.
En Etiopía, en el mes de Marzo se celebra esta victoria alrededor de todo el país, y esta vez IR estará inmerso en la celebración con el lanzamiento del majestuoso  video creado por el Director Colombiano Santiago “The Dangerous Editor” Ospina. Tsega Events se unió con IR para proyectar el video en un festival de música y arte que se celebra en Addis Ababa la capital de Etiopía.
El festival, Adwa Victory Groove, fue inspirado por el nombre del nuevo sencillo de IR, y su cierre, el 19 de Marzo, fue con la presentación de Ras Kawintseb & Aeti-oPHrika una banda Etiópe de roots reggae, quienes presentaron material de su nuevo álbum Touch of Tsion el cual será lanzado internacionalmente en Akashic Records fuera de Estados Unidos. El Festival también contó con la presencia de artistas visuales como Ras Indrias y Solomon y a lo largo de la exhibición se estuvieron proyectando continuamente videos y muestras visuales del catálogo de IR.
El impacto de este festival en los medios, a traído a la luz el trabajo de IR con su nuevo sencillo, IR38 Waiting For The Right Moment, el cual ha sonado en la mayoría de emisoras alrededor de Etiopía junto con su discusión en cuanto a la relación entre este track y la Batalla de Adwa.
Simultáneamente IR organizó acciones urbanas clandestinas ejecutadas alrededor de la ciudad de Addis Ababa con piezas de arte creadas en colaboración con el artista Brasilero Dubdem, quien también diseñó la portada para el nuevo sencillo.  Estas acciones se llevaron a cabo en conjunto con Yodit Dub, una artista del graffitti quien ha pintado los muros y paredes de Addis Ababa por muchos años. El propósito de estas acciones es informar a la población Etíope, sobre la lucha en la que están inmersos sus hermanos y hermanas indígenas del movimiento de liberación “Free West Papúa”, y también rendir un homenaje al Guerrero Brasilero, Galdino.
IR documentó estas acciones para un nuevo documental: “Dubbing The Graffitti in Geez: An Ethiopian DubUmentry”, el cual será transmitido en Kingston Jamaica en las Sankofa Sessions.       
El video para “Waiting For The Right Moment” fue filmado en Perú y Bolivia por Santiago Ospina, con material adicional de la vocalista Christiane D, filmado en los bosques de Pittsburgh, PA en Estados Unidos por Trey Amador. El estilo poético que maneja Santiago en sus filmes, refleja la realidad que están afrontando los pueblos indígenas de Perú y Bolivia. Sus imágenes de resistencia y determinación, sirvieron como fuente de inspiración, especialmente un fragmento de la lírica de Christiane D. cuyo coro dice “Waiting fot he right moment / Waiting for the right moment to appear / Waiting for the right moment to work, waiting for the right moment to disaappear (Esperando el momento adecuado/Esperando el momento adecuado para aparecer / Esperando el momento adecuado para trabajar / Esperando el momento adecuado para desaparecer), el cual evoca los recuerdos en el campo de batalla y los ejércitos preparados para luchar. La producción también cuenta con voces Etiopes las cuales fueron grabadas en la locación donde ocurrió la batalla, la montaña de Adwa en la Provincia Tigray en Etiopía.
El track fue creado conjuntamente entre varios artistas de varias partes del mundo vía internet. Dr Das y Chandrasonic de Asian Dub Foundation contribuyeron con el bajo y la guitarra eléctrica, cada uno desde sus locaciones en Bélgica e Inglaterra, mientras que el productor Soy Sos, desde su estudio Tuff Sound Recording Studios en Pittsburgh, PA-Estados Unidos, contribuyó con sus beats y sus intuitivas habilidades de producción. Tape Dave se unió a esta articulación  desde Boston MA-Estados Unidos, con su destreza para escribir la letra, mientras se seguían uniendo fuerzas, The Ghost flotaba en algún lugar de Africa y Christiane D. accionando desde Pittsburgh.
IR no solo se complace en que el estreno del video de su sencillo haya tenido su lanzamiento en Etiopía, sino también poder presentar otras producciones tales como Semira: Silence Is Not An Option e IR33: The Korogocho, Kenya DubUmentary and Graffiti Experience. Este último documental fue filmado en las comunas de Nairobi, Kenya, junto con las acciones subversivas que fueron organizadas alrededor de la pintada de un gran mural dentro de la comuna. El mural muestra un gran número de ideas que fluyen a partir de ilustraciones del movimiento Idle No More en apoyo a las protestas indígenas en Norte América, el brutal asesinato del indígena y líder activista Galdino, y el levantamiento Mau Mau en Kenya en contra de los colonizadores Británicos. El mural también relata las verdades pronunciadas por el difunto activista indígena John Trudell. Sus palabras fueron tomadas del libro IR30 Indigenous Visions In Dub.
Semira: Silence Is Not An Option es un documental filmado y realizado por Santiago Ospina aka “Dangerous Editor” en Chía-Colombia y Río de Janeiro-Brasil, donde se desenlaza otra acción urbana, la pintada de un mural en manos de Chite Yarumo y un grupo de jóvenes dubversivos (Colombian Rebel Youth) en homenaje a víctimas inocentes que han sido asesinadas, Semira Adamu, Sandra Bland, Sarah Two Circles Bear y Nelly Stharre, y la entrevista con Rosiane y Franci Cardosa, dos comprometidas activistas afro-brasileras que viven en una favela de Río de Janeiro. Ellas nos cuentan cuales son sus armas de resistencia: Aprendizaje, conocimiento y arte.
Uno de los tracks de Asian Dub Foundation de su álbum más reciente “More Signal More Noise” es el soundtrack del documental.
Proyectando las visiones de un cuadro más amplio, IR está continuamente en la búsqueda de crear interesantes conexiones alrededor del mundo, uniendo artistas y activistas en proyectos que tienen que ver con las luchas de los pueblos indígenas. Recientemente el escritor Jamaiquino Dutty Bookman y su esposa Sasha visitaron Bogotá-Colombia donde se reunieron con los conspiradores IR:Colombia Chite Yarumo y Ana a Secas.
Unos años antes, IR organizó la pintada de un gran mural en el Barrio La Candelaria en el centro de Bogotá, donde se muestran imágenes  y palabras de Dutty Bookman, Jah9, Franz Fanon, Chief Poundmaker, Hualani Ka Trask, Galdino, Sawandi, D Watts Riot y Dr Das. Dentro del mural también se hace un tributo visual al sello OnUSound de Adrian Sherwood y a la Minga Indígena, una protesta histórica por parte de un gran grupo de pueblos indígenas colombianos.
El hecho de tener a Dutty en Colombia y saber que tuvo la oportunidad de ver el mural realizado por IR e InBASSion, en vivo y en directo con su imagen y palabras, fue un gran momento para todos los que estuvimos involucrados.
IR continúa haciendo estos innovadores enlaces con una reciente acción cultural transmitida en vivo en colaboración con InBASSion y el grupo de jóvenes Dubversivos (Colombian Rebel Youth). Se organizó una transmisión en vivo vía internet del artista Chite Yarumo pintando un mural en la plaza de mercado de Chía, esto fue transmitido en vivo directo desde Colombia a las sesiones de música “The Sankofa Sessions” En Kingston, Jamiaca en un evento presentado por Dj Iset Sankofa.
Este tipo de vínculos siguen, esta vez cuando el colectivo The 3rd Shirt de Valencia-España contactó a IR. Este colectivo artístico a estado siguiendo el trabajo de IR por más de una década gracias al trabajo realizado por uno de nuestros conspiradores D Watts Riot. Ghetto Priest, vocalista de magníficas producciones con el sello OnUSound y también vocalista de la Banda Asian Dub Foundation, ha desarrollado algunas camisetas con este colectivo. El colectivo The 3rd Shirt desarrolla estampados a mano de alta calidad sobre ropa de segunda mano, así como con stock de ropa nueva. Ellos estampan con tintas eco-certificadas y a base de agua, con el fin de tener “razones sociales y ecológicas, no regirse por la moda, solo estilo”. El resultado de esto fue una serie de camisetas IR ambientalmente amigables donde nuestros seguidores podrán obtenerlas a través de The 3rd Shirt en la tienda online Etsy https://www.etsy.com/shop/3rdShirt?ele=shop_open ] y este es el link de Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/the3rdshirt/ ].
IR, Indigenous Resistance, es un movimiento global de resistencia el cual se basa en la creación de música crucial para los movimientos indígenas. IR también significa resistir a la injusticia. Constantemente estamos esperando el momento adecuado para utilizar nuestro potencial al máximo. Nuestra filosofía se define en una de las frases pintada junto al retrato de Sandra Bland en un mural en Chía-Colombia. “Con Amor En Nuestro Corazón Resistimos Contra Babylon”.
Christiane D. tiene su nuevo EP como solista llamado “Amor Fati” donde el conocido artista multimedia, Alexi Morrisey lo describe como “un extraño cabaret donde la legítima rareza de Laurie Anderson, la seriedad con tinte poético de Jeff Buckley y el estilo jazz/góspel de una era brillante y larga” y el escritor, artista y curador, Justin Hopper dijo “son canciones, dulces y pegajosas. Si la aceptación es la versión adulta de paciencia, entonces que ésta música muestre que se puede tener paz en un mundo roto”.
Christiane D official site [ http://www.christiane-d.us/ ]
Amor Fati on CD Baby
http://goo.gl/e89VNf ]
Magníficas colaboraciones que han cruzado océanos a través de IR han sido producidas por Soy Sos. Ha habido intercambios memorables donde colaboradores indígenas de IR de las Islas Solomon le enviaron a Soy Sos grabaciones de patrones musicales que ellos tocaron utilizando instrumentos tradicionales ancestrales. A pesar de que ellos no enviaron instrucciones de cómo pensaban que esa instrumentación que grabaron podría estar incorporada dentro de toda la composición, cuando la escucharon terminada quedaron impresionados con lo que se había creado en el estudio Tuff Sound. Ellos cuentan que simplemente Soy les leyó la mente en cuanto a lo que querían transmitir. Su instintivo estilo de producir a fluido brillantemente en el laboratorio creativo de IR. Cuando todo esto es combinado con la increíble manera de Christiane D. para escribir además de sus habilidades para cantar, el resultado es una colaboración inolvidable para IR.

Tuff Sound Recording [http://www.tuffsoundrecording.com/ ]


Colaboradores frecuentes de IR, Asian Dub Foundation ha logrado fusionar su estilo propio con un toque de punk, beats electrónicos, reggae, bhangra y hip hop, con artistas como Radiohead, Chuck D, Primal Scream y Sinead O’Connor, haciendo crítica al control y la opresión. Son muy aclamados  por sus increíbles shows y previamente han presentado en vivo soundtrack’s de películas como La Haine y Battle of Algiers. ADF siempre firme con sus posturas políticas representadas a través de su gran trabajo. Su reinterpretación oportuna y magistral del filme debut de George Lucas, THX 1138, revela cuántos de los temas que trató Lucas en 1971, han probado ser profecías. ADF tienen su nuevo video “Ragga Balde” filmado en vivo por Global Faction y producido por Louis Beckett el cual Captura perfectamente el poder de ADF. Link del video -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sAV3pBpwis]

ADF Official sitehttp://asiandubfoundation.com/site/ ]
ADF More Signal/More Noisehttp://goo.gl/KGShcU ]

More IR at http://www.dubreality.com

IR Press Contact: mtdublab(@)gmail.com

gracias  ana por traduzir texto!

 An essential point a lot of media and political analysts  aren’t getting  about the recent protests & disputes in Ethiopia is at the heart if what is going on is a land grab. A handful if very powerful & influential people in the Ethiopian government are grabbing land from farmers, indigenous peoples and ordinary citizens in order to enrich themselves and their supporters by giving access to these lands to condo developers, real estate speculators and  overseas commercial farming interests. IR working with Dubdem and conspirators in Ethiopia has created these new posters to bring attention to this aspect of the protests .There exists such a climate of fear and government censorship in some parts of Ethiopia that print companies have refused to print these posters so we are spreading them through the internet with the help of various conspirators in different parts of the globe.
Feel free to join and add to the resistance by spreading the visual art dub.ethiopia land grab poster small size


DUBumentary by  The Dangerous Editor , with premieres in Jamaica, Brazil, Colombia and Uganda.

New IR Guerrilla Art Action Honors The Slain And The Missing: Sandra Bland, Sarah Lee Circle Bear, Semira Adamu and Nelly Stharre. IR Indigenous Resistance is a global resistance collective creating music that is crucial to the Indigenous movement. IR, the music/art collective, could not stand silent after learning of three black and indigenous women who died at the hands of police when in custody. We decided on a guerrilla art action in Chia, Colombia. While we were recruiting the artists and scouting the locations for the art, we understood that it was important to take a different approach to a new IR film to underscore and add context to the police violence so prevalent in our society. At times, we wonder, if people have become anesthetized when they see images of police brutality, day after day, night after night. At the same time, for some, viewing the repetition of these images might also impart a disempowering effect. Instead, IR’s focus is on resistance and how to use knowledge and learning as a tool of resistance. In order to make this film even more subversive, we had the key narrative provided by two Brazilian black women who live in one of the favelas (ghettoes) of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In our film, one of the Brazilian women is writing a placard that reads “nao somos fabricas de bandidos”, which is roughly translated as: “black women aren’t factories for producing criminals/bandits”. Black women in Brazil, especially from the favelas, aren’t usually associated by the general public or the media, with learning, books, actively seeking knowledge and continuing resistance against oppressive systems.Yet, in the film it is these women who provide life-affirming images of continued resistance as they passionately and subversively detail their relationship with knowledge and art as a tool of resistance. This is especially vital to young children watching this film. In the film, we gave scenes to Colombian graffiti artists Chite Yarumo, Agua Viva, Ana a Secas, Mono & Casomiso who teamed up to paint images of the slain women as an acknowledgement of the harsh and brutal reality that existed for them and others. Intercut is footage of Afro Colombian protest marches in Bogota, Colombia filmed by Santiago Ospina.

This is obviously resistance in another form, yet the key for IR is the focus on affirmation, resistance but pushing toward the positive as we push away from the negative. At the same time, we wanted to humanize the black women activists since one of the strategies of the system is to dehumanize the victims in order to facilitate their murders, or allow their murders to be forgotten. Sandra Bland was an activist when she died in police custody. Semira Adamu also had a family that mourned her when she died in police custody in Belgium. Sarah Lee Circle Bear was a mother with children when she died in police custody.


We pick up the threads and make the connections with Rosiane Cardosa and Francilene Cardosa, Brazillian women, who are also activists, also mothers, to erase the illusions and prejudices one might have when confronting activism from the other side of the barricade. The mural, and then our film, also honors Rastafari singer and humanitarian activist Nelly Stharre. Ms Stharre’s burnt body was found in what was said to be house fire on the island of Dominica. It’s been months now, and there is yet to be any completed investigation to rule out the possibility of foul play. IR wonders why the authorities are dragging their feet? Is it intentional? Nelly was a dear friend and coconspirator of IR. In the mural you can see alongside Nelly is a piece of text, written in Amharic, one of the ancient Ethiopian languages. Translated the phrase means “a true warrior” which is how we will always remember her.

The film is also specially sent out to all the missing First Nations women in Canada and those who struggled and fought over the years to prevent their cases being swept under the rug. Because these were indigenous women and for some that meant their lives somehow had less value. This film was created by Santiago “The Dangerous Editor” Ospina. This film and the mural were another of the totally self-sufficient, autonomous works of resistance organized by IR, InBASSion crew and Colombian Rebel Youth supported by an international network of conspirators. The many IR members work in the shadows and can be found in diverse locations such as Africa, Australia, Jamaica and Turtle Island. The soundtrack for this DUBumentary was provided by Asian Dub Foundation with their track Semira which was mixed by Adrian Sherwood and the IR track Sacred Dub for Nelly Stharre:Dr Das’ African Anarchist Mix. IR will be drop screenings and information sessions down in different parts of the world. Our initial event kicks off with Sankofa Sessions in Kingston, Jamaica. Then we will continue with events in Rio De Janeiro & Sao Luis, Maranho, Brazil and then in Kampala, Uganda with Maisha Film Lab, with more screenings to be announced in the future. [ Sankofa Sessions on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheSankofaSessions/ ] [ Link to DUBumentary on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=61UU2I0t6r4 ] These tracks can be found on the releases More SIgnal More Noise from Asian Dub Foundation and IR 36 Galdino Extension of Truth. Both are distributed by Believe Digital (France) and can be found on most digital platforms like iTunes ,Beatport, Juno downloads and Bandcamp. IR also means Resist Injustice. We are always cognizant of the big picture. The IR philosophy is clearly summarized by one of the phrases painted beside the portrait of Sandra Bland in Spanish; translated it urges “with love and resistance in our hearts we fight against Babylon system”. More IR at http://www.dubreality.com  IR Press Contact: mtdublab (@)gmail.com

Big up to the Field Negro Blog and Dave Watts for providing information on Sarah Lee Circle and  the title dub inspiration and Bobby Dubman for facilitating the musical dub , Dubdem for the original art that sparked all of this and Tapedave for the glorious dub art that is on IR site version of this press release.


IR 36 GALDINO: Extension Of Truth                                      

Full Length Album

Digital Release Only

Artist: Indigenous Resistance12033170_901818976538073_4605238612502770004_n

Label: Indigenous Resistance

Cover Art: Dubdem

All tracks published by Atuadub (CMRRA)

Digital release through iTunes, Believe

   Digital (France) and Bandcamp

Bandcamp release  HERE features the exclusive

Dr Das   bonus mix

Label Media Contact:

mtdublab [ @ ]gmail.com

1.) Silent Warrior: Insurrection Mix (Christiane

D., Soy Sos, Chandrasonic, Dr Das, The Ghost,

Tapedave) 5:24

Vocals: Christiane D and Young Dubist; Beats

and Production; Soy Sos, Ghosting: The Ghost;

Guitars: Chandrasonic (Asian Dub Foundation),

Bass: Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation).

Humans first stood tall in Africa. This track began  there as well. In Ethiopia are the Adwa Mountains.The West, aka European civilization, should remember what happened there, but sadly if you are going to discuss Adwa you will get blank stares or indifference. Italy was defeated there. In 1896. By a brilliant partnership between Empress Taitu and Emperor Menelik. The Ethiopian tactical acumen was exemplified by the Empress, a brilliant strategist she was, cutting off the Italian’s access to water before the start of the battle. Let that sink in. Before the start of the battle. March 1st, 1896 marks the first occasion where an African nation defeated a European world power on the African continent. It was a victory that inspired many at that time fighting for their independence against colonial powers.

IR felt this little-remembered fact of history should be honored. So The Ghost traveled to Tigray province in Ethiopia and started sowing the seeds of the song. On the mountaintop, he wrote and recorded the chorus, which is sung by a young Ethiopian dubist. To IR, this victory has immense significance in the global fight against colonialism happening right now.

The video for the mix was created by Santiago ”Dangerous Editor” Ospina

You can get a further insight into Ospina’s videos here

2) Semira: Adrian Sherwood IR Mural Mix

Honoring Sandra Bland, Sarah Lee Circle, Semira

Adamu (Nathan Lee, Chandrasonic, Dr Das) 4:32

Asian Dub Foundation with Adrian Sherwood.

Asian Dub Foundation delivers this beautiful piece of dub music featuring the flute playing of Nathan ”Flutebox “Lee, Chandrasonic’s guitar and the bassline by Dr Das. Dubmaster Adrian Sherwood is at the helm of the mixing board for this gem. The track was originally composed by ADF to honour the memory of Semira Adamu who died in the custody of Belgium authorities. IR, Chite Yarumo, InBassion and Rebel Youth in Colombia are painting a special mural in Chia , Colombia that will honour the memories of Semira and two other women who recently died in police custody in the U.S.A; a black woman, Sandra Bland, and an indigenous woman, Sarah Lee Circle Bear. Santiago” The Dangerous Editor” is creating a video based on the painting of this mural in Colombia combined with footage filmed in Morro De Babilonia, Rio De Janeiro , Brazil.There will be special screenings of this video organised for Jamaica, Uganda, Brazil and Colombia. Stay tuned!

Recently grafitti artist Chite Yarumo painted a mural in Colombia and along with IR , InBASSion and Rebel Youth in Colombia

arranged for the live painting of the mural to be webcast live to the Sankofa Sessions in Kingston,Jamaica .The first time something like this had been in Jamaica,

here is a section of the mural painted by Chite Yarumo

mural in Chia Colombia painted by Chite Yarumo

mural in Chia Colombia painted by Chite Yarumo

3) Galdino Transparente Dub: Tapedave Remix (Jah9, Sawandi Simon, Tapedave, The Ghost) 5:58

[Brasil] Vocals: Zumbi & Pataxó Singers; [Jamaica] Vocals: Jah9; Keyboards and Production:

Sawandi; Drums: Rashaun “Black Kush” McAnuff (Root’s Uprising).

The genesis of this track  release started with the making of the IR33 Korogocho DUBuMentary & Grafitti Experience in Nairobi, Kenya. IR was inspired by circumstances found in the slum of Korogocho to create a mural, the making of which was documented by a local video crew. The original dub track was mixed at Anchor Studio in Kingston, Jamaica with real roots drumming from Rashaun “Black Kush” McAnuff, an integral member of Jamaica’s Roots Uprising band laying the steady floor under which Sawandi’s ethereal keyboards float, lending a mystical vibe to compliment the searing lyrics written by Jah9 and Tapedave alongside commentary by Zumbi & Kokonda Dub. While laying it into the film, The IR crew realized that these tracks were focused on the brutal murder of the Brazilian Pataxo Indian, Galdino, and the subsequent amnesia that befell the Brazilian media about the case ever since, had IR thinking of a new way to retell the truth about Galdino. IR had another idea for another mix and this one was born through the creative alliance of The Ghost with Tapedave. Dubheavy bass mastering by Kevn Metcalfe (Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, The Clash) of Soundmasters in the UK..

4) Galdino Jesus Dos Santos: D. WattsRiot Mix

(D. WattsRiot, Deeder Zaman, Zumbi, The Ghost)

Deeder Zaman in Brazil with Dubdem soundsystem.he provides vocals on dwattsRiot remix

Deeder Zaman in Brazil with Dubdem soundsystem.he provides vocals on dwattsRiot remix


[England] Vocals and Production: Deeder Zaman

[Canary Islands] Guitar: Arka Medina; Mix:

Manolin; Direction: Galdino Jesus Dos Santos;

Music, beats, vocal and arrangement: D. Watts

Riot; [Brazil] Vocals & Production: The Ghost;

Vocals: Pataxó Singers &  Zumbi; Indigenous

Flute: by Pataxó Singers; [Jamaica] Mastering:

Gary Sutherland, Tuff Gong.

A bassheavy dub missile to the dancefloor.Galdino Jesus dos Santos was an indigenous Pataxó activist born and based in Brasil. His story: In 1997, he attended an indigenous rights meeting in Brasilia. Unfortunately, he missed the last bus to his lodging, and as is the custom for many Brasilians, he stayed all night in the bus shelter in order to catch the next morning bus. A group of youths—the sons of the capital’s elite judges and lawyers—found Galdino asleep. As a cruel joke, they poured gasoline on him. Then they set him on fire. Galdino died after suffering burns to 90 percent of his body. These murderous actions are a hideous metaphor of the politics of Brasil’s economically powerful elites and how they perceive the poor as ‘powerless’ and exploitable.

Our story: Indigenous Resistance attended the trial of Galdino’s murderers. We met his family and were shown the coroner’s photos of his charred corpse. I.R. was also witness to the special treatment given—and light punishment meted out to—the murderers. In the years since his death, we have watched the Brasilian mediamcontinuously mute all coverage and remembrance  of Galdino’s tragedy. This state of neglect stands in sharp contrast to the high visibility given annually for the death of journalist Tim Lopes. But we know that Galdino’s death is not an isolated incident. It opens up urgent issues of land demarcation; the exploitation of resources on indigenous ancestral lands; and the abysmal state of indigenous rights throughout Brasil in general. There is no silence on Galdino’s story—only shadows.

5) Silent Warrior: Empress Taitu Cutting The Path To Victory Mix (Christiane D., Soy Sos, Chandrasonic, Dr Das, The

Ghost, Tapedave) 5:24

Vocals: Christiane D. and Young Dubist; Beats and Production; Soy Sos, Ghosting: The Ghost; Guitars: Chandrasonic

(Asian Dub Foundation), Bass: Dr Das (Asian Dub Foundation).

art by Dubdem

art by Dubdem

A groove focussed remix of track one “Silent Warrior: Insurrection Mix”. The words are an ode to the victory of the Ethiopians at Adawa under the direction of Empress Taitu. Italy was so shocked, and disappointed by the victory, they could not accept that their proud army had been defeated by an African nation, so much so that some newspapers even substituted photos of Russian generals instead of Ethiopian generals in the reports of the battle, relegating the win to another white superpower instead of African patriots fighting to keep their sovereignty. Empire builders seem to forget this time and again and think power and might trumps all: Vietnam, Nicaragua, Algeria , Kenya. This victory was crucial for Ethiopia’s future and allowed them to be a nation who never fell under colonial rule. Christiane D’s affirming chorus “you will know you will know” emphasizes the subversiveness of this groove-laden piece

6) Galdino: Pataxo Warrior Sawandi’s Defiance In the

Shadows (Jah9, Sawandi Simon, Tapedave, The Ghost)


[Brasil] Vocals: Zumbi & Pataxó Singers; [Jamaica]

Vocals: Jah9; Keyboards and Production: Sawandi

Simon; Drums: Rashaun “Blackush” McAnuff; Dub

Mix: Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger;. Dub Inspiration: Sade

Simon; Emergency Dub Logistics: Sabriya Simon;

Mastering: Gary Sutherland, Tuff Gong.

This is the original recording used within track two:

“Galdino Transparente Dub: Tapedave Remix”.

Dubheavy mastering again by Kevn Metcalfe (Dennis

Brown, Black Uhuru, The Clash) of Soundmasters in the


7) Galdino 2010 Adrian Sherwood Karoake Remix

featuring Deeder Zaman  (D. WattsRiot, Deeder Zaman,

Zumbi, The Ghost) 3:08

Remix of track four “Galdino Jesus Dos Santos: D.

WattsRiot Mix”.

8) Caballo’s Pow Wow Bounce (V.I.P mix For IR)

(Caballo) 3:17

Our next to last track is an audio ambush, so to speak, though an assault of effervesence. Caballo has remixed his “Pow Wow

Bounce,” into a V.I.P Mix For I.R. Caballo centers aboriginal chants from Canada in a pure swinging groove. It is true dance

floor fire. IR believes there are different ways to fight the power as anarchist Emma Goldman once said “If I can’t dance to it,

it’s not my revolution.” Here Caballo expresses his anti-colonialist sentiments with hypnotic grooves

Watch the video for this track on youtube here:


SPECIAL BONUS TRACK ONLY ON BANDCAMP 9. Sacred Dub For Nelly Stharre: Dr Das African Anarchist Mix (DrDas)

04:14 (To be released on the next official IR album)

[Canada] Traditional Cree chants by Jimmy Dick. [South Pacific] Vocals by The Ghost and

Tohununu recorded in The South Pacific. [Dubnoise Central] Everything else from Dr Das.

Nelly Stharre, a friend and IR conspirator passed away recently under tragic circumstances. As Dr Das was about to mix this track he also learned of the passing of Sam Mbah, one of the authors of the book “African Anarchism: A History Of A Movement” a book that IR feels is very important to read to understand the Africa of the here and now. We give special thanks to Dr Das for this mix and we feel Nelly would have loved this track and the dub philosophy in this track. Nelly loved indigenous reasoning and was someone who appreciated what our friends in Solomon Islands told us “That often what is not said is more important than what is said.”

Nelly Stharre

Nelly Stharre

watch the video for the track