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New IR Album For A Free West Papua

IR has just launched a new album “IR54 If Thomas Sankara &Fela Kuti Were Here They Would Say FREE WEST PAPUA” a free album in support of the liberation movement for a free West Papua” it is available for FREE download from the dubdem website here http://www.dubdem.com.br/ir54

The album cover art is by Dubzaine and shows Kabaka Klacity Labartin and Ras Charles from Sankara Future Dub Resurgence alongside Apachita a 13 year old indigenous girl of Aymara and Dine ancestry after she had just finished

clandestine night time postering in support of a Free West Papua.


One of the tracks on the album is ” Dispacement ” by Ukweli feat Indigenous Resistance & Carlo Ertola.Toronto writer and culturalcritic Prasad Bidaye has this to say about the track:
“I’m really proud of this track by my brother Ukweli and Indigenous Resistance .Imagine a house record that’s beautifully lush and cosmic, but it also addresses the current genocide of indigenous peoples in West Papua at the hands of the Indonesian government. The spoken word goes deeper though and addresses the West Papuan people themselves through the wisdom of myths, metaphors, and medicine. To top it off, this message is accompanied by a sweet vocal sung in Ethiopian Amharic with touches of dub. #Outernationalism

         There are a lot of house records that invoke Africa, but it’s more often than not in a romanticized way. There are very few that invoke indigenous struggles and traditions – 3 Generations Walking is the only one that comes to mind.
    But “Displacement” is probably the FIRST that goes beyond invocation and actually intends to speak to the indigenous people outside of North America, let alone in West Papua. I’m pretty sure that this is historically unprecedented,”


Another track on the album is “Two Thousand Seasons Dub” by Sankara Future Resurgence & Dhangsha.This is the lyric video for the track:

The complete album features Dhangsha, Ukweli aka Curtis Smith, Carlo Ertola, Adrian Sherwood, Sun J, King Raab , Sankara Future Dub Resurgence. With tracks mastered by Ramjac, Ron Murphy & Dhangsha.


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