Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance

As She Spoke He Listened In Silence

This is a new IR design done by Dubdem that was recently posted on our facebook IR ::Indigenous Resistance.
A dub Eritrean sistren Mimi Ketelya wrote us this very inspiring comment about the new IR design .Her comments sparked alot of dub conversation and thoughts so we wanted to share it with you

❝Selam, the picture you posted today made me smile so much i had to repost it. It is so so so so empowering and simple. Made me rethink and correct myself so that my energy is clean and can be trusted when i speak. It reminded me of my responsibility as a woman too. I give deep thanks”❞
The design actually came from an encounter that a male member of IR who moves in the shadows sent to us.This is what he wrote:
❝I was with this dub sistren and she ran into this other dub sistren and the two of them were sharing a lot of very dub stuff
So I just stood quietly and listened .
After some time one of the women apologised to me and said sorry we are talking too much .
I said no you have nothing to apologise for
What you are talking is so dub
I’m learning a lot
When we were departing the same woman said to me
Thank you
I learnt alot from your silence❞

From Dr Das
❛Thank you for this message and the story behind the new IR phrase “As she spoke…” Awesome.To listen, in this society, particuarly this patriarchal world, is so demeaned, considered to be a ‘passive’ activity, or even an act of weakness. Actually, it is empowering to both the person who is listened to, and the listener.❜
From Tapedave
❝Men, Quiet When Women Talk. You Might Learn Something.❞

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