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Artist: Indigenous Resistance
Title: IR 38 Waiting For The Right Moment
Label: IR  |  Catalog Number: IR38
Availability: iTunes [ https://goo.gl/7wvaWb ] CDBaby [ http://goo.gl/q5wxqP ]

Dub actions coordinated in Ethiopia for the 120th anniversary of victorious Ethiopia at Adwa.

Addis Ababa, ETHIOPIA (04/04/2016) — On March 19th, IR launched their new single “IR38 Waiting For The Right Moment: The Adwa Victory Groove Mix” to commemorate the 120th anniversary of that historic battle at Adwa between Italian forces and an army of Ethiopians. The song honors the historic Ethiopian victory, which marked the first time that an African army defeated a European colonial power; ingenuity and tactics won over muscle and might. 

In Ethiopia, the month of March is used to celebrate this victory throughout the country and IR will be immersed in the celebrations by releasing the music and the attendant video created by Colombian Director Santiago “Dangerous Editor” Ospina. Tsega Events has arranged with IR to premiere the video at an art & music festival being held at here in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia.

The festival, Adwa Victory Groove, was inspired by IR mix and culminated with a performance on March 19 by Ras Kawintseb & Aeti-oPHrika an Ethiopian roots reggae band who will showcase material from their new album Touch of Tsion which will be released internationally on Akashic Records out of U.S.A. The festival also featured visual artists Ras Indrias and Solomon and maintained a continuous flow of visual art throughout with the exhibition of videos from the IR catalog.

The impact of the festival in the media brought to light the work of IR with the single, IR38 Waiting For The Right Moment, featured on major radio stations throughout Ethiopia with discussion around the track’s relationship to the Battle of Adwa.


IR simultaneously organized clandestine Street Actions throughout the city of Addis Ababa with artwork created in collaboration with Brazilian artist Dubdem, who also designed the cover art for the new single. This IR Street Action was done in conjunction with an Ethiopian sistren Yodit Dub, a graffiti artist who has painting the walls of Addis Ababa for many years. The dub art informed Ethiopians of the struggles by their indigenous brothers and sisters of the Free West Papua liberation movement and to honor the late Brazilian warrior, Galdino.

IR documented these Street Actions for a new IR “Dubbing The Grafitti In Geez: An Ethiopian DubUmentry”. which will be broadcast live to the Sankofa Sessions in Kingston, Jamaica.

The video for “Waiting For The Right Moment” was filmed in Peru and Bolivia by Santiago Ospina with additional footage of vocalist Christiane D, filmed in the woods of Pittsburgh, PA USA by Trey Amador. Santiago’s poetic filmmaking style visualizes the reality facing the indigenous peoples of Peru and Bolivia. His images serve to underscore the track’s inspiration of uprising and determination, especially within the lyrics of Christiane D, whose chorus of “waiting for the right moment/waiting for the right moment to appear/waiting for the right moment to work/waiting for the right moment to disappear” conjures memories of the battlefield and the armies ready to fight. The production also features Ethiopian vocals that were recorded at the actual location of the battle, at Adwa Mountain in Tigray province in Ethiopia.

The track was created collaboratively via the internet with Dr Das and Chandrasonic from Asian Dub Foundation contributing bass and guitar from their locations in Belgium and the UK, while producer Soy Sos in his Tuff Sound Recording Studios in Pittsburgh, PA USA, contributed beats and his dub intuitive producing skills to the lyrics that came together through the joint song writing efforts of Tape Dave in Boston, MA USA, The Ghost floating somewhere within Africa and Christiane D in Pittsburgh.

IR is not only pleased to have the premiere of the video for this single to happen live in Ethiopia but also to be able to present other IR DubUmentary productions like Semira: Silence Is Not An Option and IR 33: The Korogocho, Kenya DubUmentary and Graffiti Experience. This last DubUmentary was filmed in the Korogocho slums of Nairobi, Kenya and documents the subversive IR street action organized around the painting of a giant mural within the slum. The mural illustrates a number ideas flowing from depictions of the Idle No More indigenous protests in North America, the brutally murdered Brazilian indigenous activist, Galdino, and the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya against British colonialists. The mural also features truths uttered by the late indigenous activist John Trudell. His words of self-empowerment were collected from the book IR 30 Indigenous Visions In Dub.

The soundtrack for IR 33: The Korogocho, Kenya Dubmentary and Graffiti Experience features IR tracks with contributions from IR co-conspirators, DJ Soundar, Jah 9, Sawandi, Dutty Bookman, Tape Dave, Dr Das and the dub mixing skills of famed Jamaican engineer Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger.

Semira: Silence Is Not An Option is a DubUmentary filmed by Santiago “Dangerous Editor” Ospina in Chia, Colombia and Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. It follows another IR street action with Colombian Rebel Youth graffiti artists painting murals of Semira Adamu, Sandra Bland, Sarah Two Circles Bear and Nelly Stharre. The graphic illustration honoring murdered innocents is propelled by a talk with activists Rosiane and Franci Cardosa, two Brazilian black women living in a Rio de Janeiro favela. The women discuss their weapons of resistance: learning, knowledge and art. A track by Asian Dub Foundation from their most recent album More Signal, More Noise drives the soundtrack of the DubUmentary.

With visions of a bigger picture, IR continuously seeks to create combustible connections, the world over, tying artists and activists into projects that are steeped with the struggles of the indigenous. Recently Jamaican writer Dutty Bookman, with his partner, Sasha, visited Bogota, Colombia where they met with IR co-conspirators, the Colombian graffiti artists Chite Yarumo and Ana Seca.

A few years earlier, IR had organized the painting of a giant mural in the Candelaria neighbourhood of Bogota, featuring images and words from Dutty Bookman, Jah 9, Franz Fanon, Chief Poundmaker, Hualani Kay Trask, Galdino, Sawandi, D. WattsRiot and Dr Das. Within the mural is also a visual tribute to the seminal OnUSound label of Adrian Sherwood and “Minga Indigenia”, the historic protest march of Colombia’s indigenous. Having Dutty actually in Colombia to see first hand the images and words from him that IR, inBASSion and Colombian Rebel Youth painted was a real dub moment for all involved.

IR continues to make innovative dub linkages with a recent street action/live webcast in collaboration with inBASSion and Colombian Rebel Youth. They organized a live webcast of artist Chite Yarumo painting another subversive mural broadcast direct from Colombia to the Kingston, Jamaica, based Sankofa Sessions, a music and art event hosted DJ I set Sankofa.

This kind of dub linkage continued recently when The 3rd Shirt of Valencia, Spain, contacted IR. This artist collective had been following the work of IR for more than a decade when they tipped off to IR work by one of our conspirators D. WattsRiot. Ghetto Priest, a vocalist on many beautiful OnUSound productions and also vocalist with Asian Dub Foundation, had created some T-shirts with them recently and hipped them to our contact info. The 3rd Shirt creates quality hand-screen printed secondhand wear as well as with new old stock. They print with eco- certified water-based colours, for, as they say, “ecological and social reasons…not fashion, just style and statement!” The result is another dub collaboration where IR fans will be able to get special screen printed IR shirts that are as eco-friendly as possible through the The 3rd Shirt’s Etsy store [ https://www.etsy.com/shop/3rdShirt?ele=shop_open ] and check out them on Facebook [ https://www.facebook.com/the3rdshirt/ ].


IR, Indigenous Resistance, is a global resistance collective creating music crucial to the Indigenous movement. IR also means Resist Injustice. We are constantly waiting for the right moments to use to our fullest potential. The IR philosophy is clearly summarized by one of the phrases painted beside the portrait of Sandra Bland that was painted in the Chia, Colombia mural. The original is in Spanish; translated it urges “with love and resistance in our hearts we fight against Babylon system”.

Christiane D has a new solo EP out called Amor Fati which famed multi-media artist, Alexi Morrissey, calls “a strange cabaret where the legitimate quirkiness of Laurie Anderson, the poetic earnestness of Jeff Buckley and the jazz/gospel stylings of a glittering, long-dead era” and writer/artist/curator, Justin Hopper realized “these sweet, catchy, air-tight songs have been bought and paid for by a real woman over the course of a lifetime. If acceptance is the adult version of patience then this music shows you can have peace with a broken world.”

Christiane D official site [ http://www.christiane-d.us/ ]
Amor Fati on CD Baby [ http://goo.gl/e89VNf ]


cover art for the EP Amor Fati .photo by Curtis R eaves:concept by Christiane D

Crucial collaborations through IR have been produced across the oceans with Soy Sos. There were memorable exchanges where IR indigenous collaborators from the Solomon Islands would send Soy Sos recordings of musical patterns that they had played using ancient traditional instruments. Even though they did not send instructions about how they felt the instrumentation they recorded could be incorporated in the overall composition when they listened back to what he recreated in his Tuff Sounds studio, they were simply blown away. They felt it was like Soy was literally reading their minds in terms of how they felt their musical vibes should be incorporated.. His dub intuitive producing style has flowed brilliantly with IR’s open laboratory style of creativity. When this has combined with Christiane D’s dub writing and vocal abilities, the results have been made for truly memorable collaborations IR is extremely proud to release.

Tuff Sound Recording [http://www.tuffsoundrecording.com/ ]

Frequent collaborators, Asian Dub Foundation have mixed their trademark fusion of punk, electronic beats, reggae, bhangra and hip-hop with artists such as Radiohead, Chuck D, Primal Scream and Sinead O’Connor, criticizing control and oppression. They are celebrated for their brilliant live shows and have previously performed live soundtracks to films including La Haine and Battle of Algiers. ADF wear their political hearts on their sleeves through all their work. Their timely and masterly reinterpretation of George Luca’s debut film, THX 1138, reveals how many of the themes Lucas dealt with in the 1971 have ultimately proved to be prescient. ADF have a new video “Ragga Blade” filmed completely live with none of that usual music video miming. It was filmed by Global Faction and produced by Louis Beckett. It perfectly captures the dub live power of ADF. Watch it here [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1sAV3pBpwis]

ADF Official site [ http://asiandubfoundation.com/site/ ]
ADF More Signal/More Noise [ http://goo.gl/KGShcU ]

More IR at http://www.dubreality.com

IR Press Contact: mtdublab(@)gmail.com


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