Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance


 An essential point a lot of media and political analysts  aren’t getting  about the recent protests & disputes in Ethiopia is at the heart if what is going on is a land grab. A handful if very powerful & influential people in the Ethiopian government are grabbing land from farmers, indigenous peoples and ordinary citizens in order to enrich themselves and their supporters by giving access to these lands to condo developers, real estate speculators and  overseas commercial farming interests. IR working with Dubdem and conspirators in Ethiopia has created these new posters to bring attention to this aspect of the protests .There exists such a climate of fear and government censorship in some parts of Ethiopia that print companies have refused to print these posters so we are spreading them through the internet with the help of various conspirators in different parts of the globe.
Feel free to join and add to the resistance by spreading the visual art dub.ethiopia land grab poster small size


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