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In this poster designed by tapedave , the dynamics of the land grab in Gambella, Ethiopia is discussed.The poster is written in Amharic one of the principal languages of Ethiopia.

In Gambella, a western province of Ethiopia , thousands of the indigenous inhabitants have been displaced from their lands so that the government can lease it to foreign companies to establish commercial farms. This is in contradiction to official government policy that forbids local farmers from leasing & selling their farmlands.The government has leased the land at ridiculously low prices to these foreign companies so that they can establish large commercial farms.In order to do this ,thousands of the indigenous peoples have been terrorized & forcibly displaced from their lands. Villagers have been killed and thousands have fled to refugee camps in southern Sudan. While officially the government says there are no problems, that the inhabitants welcome the changes and that they are doing many things to improve the lives of the indigenous peoples, the reality is something else.Little effort has been made to respect the traditional lifestyles of the inhabitants and to provide them with expertise and tools to improve their own cultivation & to support local farmers. Instead the focus has been to facilitate foreign companies from countries like China, India, Pakistan,Saudi Arabi to create large commercial farms where most of what is produced will go outside of Ethiopia with little benefit to ordinary Ethiopians except officials who are receiving bribes and kickbacks from foreign companies..

This video contains an IR :: Indigenous Resistance trak that we did about the land grab in Gambella .All of the vocals are in one of the main languages spoken in Ethiopia which is Amharic. The video contains english subtitles and features:

Vocals by Amard

Bass: Dr Das

All vocals & instruments recorded in Ethiopia by The Ghost

Beats & textures: Herman “ Soy Sos “ Pearl
Mixed by “Soy Sos” at Tuff Sound Studio
Text written by The Ghost & Amard  c) IR 2012

Special thanks to tapedave for the super dub poster design.Feel free to download and post on a wall near you espcially if you live in area where there are Ethiopian communities .You can email us at jahdub.ghost .stories (@) gmail.com if you would like a pdf version .Thanks to conspirators inside Ethiopia for their contributions of translation, recording and sharing of knowledge.Special big up to Herman ” Soy Sos” Pearl and his astounding ability to create beats and dub textures from crude field recordings we send him and being so sensitive and adept at creating the necessary atmosphere in an IR track.

You can listen to the track and download it  for free here from the IR :: :: Indigenous Resistance soundcloud page


  1. Reblogged this on ravanabola and commented:
    Same Things Happening In India, From West Coast, South To East Coast

    • yes indeed ! and now we in jamaica they are doing a land grab on the Rastafari land ” the pinnacle “..thanks for reblogging this!

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