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IR20 Dancing On John Wayne’s Head : ReReleased & Still Shaking Things Up

IR20 Dancing On John Wayne’s Head : visual remix by dubdem

“Shake that unifying medicine before its too late ..shake before the time comes to pass..and throw throw kanbani..that liquid of capitalist invention”Sandille Dikeni.

IR has just rereleased IR 20 Dancing On John Wayne’s Head .
One of the highlights of ‘IR20 Dancing On John Wayne’s Head’ is the track ‘Guava Juice ‘ remastered in 2012 by Spider in Kingston , Jamaica.

It is a fiery resistance poem by South African poet Sandille Dikeni during the time of apartheid ..’ Guava Juice ” which is slang in south africa for molotov cocktail and was an inspiration for many in the struggle against apartheid. It also features Rupinder Kaur reciting excerpts from a poem by revolUtionary indian poet Bismal .The poem was a favorite of promenient Indian anti imperialist ,anti British revolutionary Bhagat Singh .Roughly translated from Punjabi it means’ for oppressed people,one of the biggest obstacles is the realisation that one is valuable as a human being.Now that we have realised that and achieved our goal of self realisation as a nation as well as a culture,the only thing that remains is to see how much strength is there left in the oppressors arms’

Like poet Sandille Dikeni refers to ..sometimes its necessary to shake shake things up in order to challenge the system…
the track ‘New Ways Of Looking At Power’ certainly did that when it was created and released.Iniated and produced
by a male member of TFTT the track made some feel very very uncomfortable and at the same time was empowering and liberating for others.

The track features spoken word from women of colour who were asked to talk about the issues they felt men of colour needed to adress espcially around issues of sexism.Musically it featured contributions from folks like Augustus Pablo, Scully, King Jammy and traditional singer Kelly White…
Here are some excerpts from the track..
The first is spoken by Farah Shroff:
“I would like all our brothers to realise that women who are involved in the political struggle also have a struggle to face against you because often you havent realised there are many levels to the struggles.the struggle start with yourself, the struggle starts with all of us..part of the thing we are always facing is trying to understand how to liberate ourselves within the context of a racist,misogynist society .and while we can feel alot of solidarity with our brothers of colour..the misogyny is perpetuated by you just as it is by the racist society…”

[** one dictionary defintion of misogyny defines it as ‘ the hatred or dislike of women or girls . According to feminist theory, misogyny can be manifested in numerous ways, including sexual discrimination,denigration of women, violence against women and the objectification of women”}
From Jon Leah :
“Slavery is like going into the armed forces if you like.the whole initial objective was to break us as people. and we managed to hold on to some things and we are very proud of those things..i think had we not become malleable …perhaps we would not have been able to survive on this continent ..so thats the upside..the downside was that part of that malleability was conforming to the points of views and social structures of our masters, the people who owned us..
and the end result is that we have adopted much more of their philosphy than we are required to ,,,.you cant live with masters without becoming like them and we have to ferret out that portion of being like the masters that we are not happy with and not comfortable with that we see as detrimental to us as a community and move to change those things and it will not be easy but it seems to me its probably worth the effort”
From Kerrie Charnley :
“what makes it terrifying is that with all this focus on white male power that men of colour have , there is an obsession to get that power..that white male power..with all that focus .what happens when and if they get that power..what happens to the women ? its not going to be a pretty picture. so what needs to happen is that there needs to be new ways of looking at power.”

This is a video for another track from the Indigenous Resistance release IR20 Dancing On John Wayne’s Head…the track Poundmakers Dub feat Augustus Pablo ,John Trudell, Santa Davis , Scully,Mikey Dread aka ‘Dread at The Controls” who mixed music for The Clash …..and famed Channel One Studio engineer Bunny Tom Tom..
The track made in honour of Chief Poundmaker (1842 – 4 July 1886) …a Cree warrior  and resistance leader who also happened to have dreadlocks…This track was remastered in 2012 by Spider in Kingston, Jamaica and video was done by Tamasgan and features imagery taken by IR in Ethiopia.
IR has reissued a new version of the cd Dancing On John Wayne’s Head ….this new version has remastered traks, new edits ,
a new trak by Mad Professor , a remix by Nick Manasseh. This is a more streamlined version of the original cd, with more sonic variety ..it is available here from Believe Digital , Wav files are available from Dance specialists Beatport here > ,Itunes & many other digiital download sites
For further news and updates on IR releases go to our facebook page IR Indigenous Resistance (here)

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