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“Tried & True :Revelations Of A Rebellious Youth” A Dub Radikal Book Makes Its Way To Africa

Dubdem Visual Remix of cover of Dutty Bookman's 'Tried & True:Revelatins Of A Rebellious Youth.


Ethiopian youth in Addis Ababa bookstore near the Ethiopian National Theatre dubbing out over Dutty Bookmans' Tried & True"

IR Visual Dubversion in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia : Galdino & Dutty Bookman on the streets for people to see

Dutty Bookman’s auto biography “Tried & True : Revelations Of A Rebellious Youth ” is for folks in IR an inspirational and dub radikal book..It weaves the spiritual, the political, the historical and the personal in a magical .militant way …reading it at times reminded us of conversations we have had with indigenous elders in different parts of the world…we also deeplly appreciate its radical intent and the immediate practical guidance it offers on those who wish to make a positive and radical contribution to trying to make this world a better place….Folks in IR have been so inspired by this book by Jamaican writer Dutty Bookman that in the future we will be putting excerpts from the book into IR dub traks…in the meantime we encourage people to go out and buy a copy of this book and support an autonomous ,totally independent effort…..buy your copy here

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