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A while back I.R received some tracks from Deeder Zaman’s upcoming album “ Pride Of The Underdog” which included the tracks “Us & Us” and  ‘Bruk Up’.Deeder’s intention was to also create a video for some of these tracks  that would be  linked to the effort to make people aware of the murder of the Patoxo activist Galdino in Brasil .Deeder had been involved in concerts and community events that IR & Dubdem had organised to make people aware of the case of Galdino .These were also ACTIONS like the giant banner of Galdino that Labomb and IR had put up in Rio De Janeiro which were designed to break the silience on Galdino and to shatter the mythology being put forward by the sistem  that everything is okay with indigenous rights in Brasil. So when when Deeder asked us if we could film some footage for him ;we decided to create a street art action and film the process of making it .The name of the ACTION would be BRUK UP BABILON’S ILLUSIONS…which when translated into brasilian portugese is QUEBRAR ILUSOES DA BABILONIA.Literally it means “breaking up the illusions being pushed at us by babylon sistem.” So we created a giant banner that was composed of images from our Ital Roots Dubessentials series .These are IR/ Dubdem visual remixes of books, art , music that some of us in IR felt were essential tools for radikal struggles .There is absolutely no commerce involved in why we decide to promote these works ; in fact the people who issued  these works at this moment dont even know we are doing this . However we simply respect these works and their potential for disrupting babilon sistem!
The Ghost and Dubdem created this banner that represented 3 radikal works .
First “ When The Veneer Of Democracy Starts To Fade” by Mark Stewart .This was a classic album released on the On U Sound label mixed by the legendary Adrian Sherwood .Audio wise its a searing mix of noiz , dub, funk soundsystem & punk vibes filtered through Adrian Sherwood’s ahead of his time razor sharp mixing skills. The lyrics of Mark Stewart on this release like his words for his previous outfit ‘The Pop Group ‘are simply outstanding ..among other things searing condemnations of so called ” democracies ” exposing their authoritarian exceses ….Theres a reason that Mark Stewart has inspired many like folks in IR & Asian Dub Foundation and this album is testament to why that is . Recently we read that back in the days,musician D.WattsRiot used to walk around listening to a cassette that had rappers Public Enemy on one side and Mark Stewart on the other side .Its hard to think of a more lethal sonic and lyrical combination than that!
Second is “ Parable Of The Sower” by Octavia E Butler. Like the writer and poet Audre Loudre ; Octavia E Butler simply astounds us with her visionary viewpoints .An imagining of the future with an alternative vision is in our opinion essential for radikal movements . Using science fiction she dissects the working of the money world , race and gender roles . In particular we really love her subversion of gender roles . Its interesting to us what ordinary folks say about her work Lawrence L Johnson wrote “Forget about Star Trek, thats kiddie stuff compared to Octavia E Butler “ or Nnedi Okarafor who wrote on Feb 25, 2011 “ Today is the 5th anniversary of the Great Octavia
E Butlers’ death. Go out and read her books , they will change your world !” We really second these opinions ! Underground Resistance is a fan of her work as we are . Simply put she is a fierce writer and dub radikal ; a direct challenge to babylon sistem!!!!!!!!
The third visual remix on the banner is that of the book “African Anarchism;The History Of A Movement” by Sam Mbah and E. Igariwey .Recently IR made a video in Afrika for the track “Brothers and Sisters” When making a video in Afrika one is confronted by some of the very sterotypical images and narrow concepts people worldwide have about Afrika ….military wars , despotic dictatorships , widespread famine, beggas everywhere etc etc..
Sometimes its necessary to search out and find some alternative realities and points of view. “African Anarchism;The History Of A Movement” looks at the history of those activists in Afrika whose focus has been on collective anti authoritarian social activities as opposed to the dynamics that has created power obsessed despots like prime minister Mugabe in Zimbabwe. It is a side of Afrikan history and a critique of authoritarian politics by Afrikans that doesnt receive much attention.Brasil has the largest populations of people of Afrikan descent outside the continent of Afrika itself . Often in Brasil we have encountered black people searching out histories and perspectives on Afrika therefore we thought it was espcially relevant to represent this book in the banner we put up in Sao Paulo, Brasil.
Recently IR/Labomb/ The Ghost /Dubdem& Akaider carried out a successful ACTION
placing the giant banner we had created in a public space , doing grafitti and filming the process .
Our intent is to really inspire people to use public spaces which are OUR spaces to express and offer their own point of views which differs from what babilon sistem is trying force feed us .
For this reason we are showing video and photos of how we did this . Various women and men were part of this ACTION… but in these photos you will only partially see one of the people involved ..
this individual is someone particularly gifted  in scaling  the walls of babylon…..the other people who were there and others who gave support who in IR style will remain in the shadows …The vibe was great during the ACTION and for us in IR what really made it very special was that each person contributed something dub and unique to the process .It was the combination of all these unique contributions that made everything flow so wonderfully .Collective dub.Organised over 3 continents where immense communication and technological limitations /difficulties were overcome : this ACTION is proof of what can be done when those involved share the same motive & commitment and trust one another .You can visit the site where this banner and grafitti was done by going to Rua Belmiro Braga. Beco do Grafitti. São Paulo – Brasil.

calm thinking before an ACTION is a good practice.. photo by akaider

photo by akaider


scaling the walls of Babilon photo :akaider


night time ACTION completed .mission accomplished...foto :akaider

You can visit this to see it close up by going to Rua Belmiro Braga. Beco do Grafitti. São Paulo – Brasil.

IR grafitti salute to deeder zaman ; whose music inspired this street art ACTION

banner design by dubdem & the ghost


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