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Supporting Dubversive People: Christiane D & Dutty Bookman Do Their Thing

Dutty Bookman has written a new book " Tried & True:Revelations Of A Rebellious Youth.Please support his fundraising efforts .

One of the most dubversive folks IR had the pleasure to come across in Jamaica was a writer Dutty Bookman . We were impressed with empathy with indigenous rights and indigenous philosophy and his ability to relate it to the Jamaican context . You can watch a practical example of that here .Bookman has just written a book entitled “Tried & True ;Revelations Of A Rebellious Youth “
He feels it “ most resembles a combination of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho and Jon Lee Anderson’s Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life “
We liked what he wrote about the motivation for him writing the book
“During the entire process of writing Tried & True: Revelations of a Rebellious Youth, I kept asking myself WHY I dared to think that my life experiences would even matter to other people. Memoirs of interest are usually written by people with some sort of celebrity status. I am far from a celebrity, yet that is exactly why I thought I should release this book to the public. My intention is for people in my age group (and younger) to read my story and realize that they can be quite ordinary while accomplishing extraordinary things. I believe that I am an example of a good soul with good intentions and, because of that, I have received great blessings. By printing my story, the impact on the reader has transformative potential.”

Dutty is currently raising funds to print and launch his book on the site indie Go Go . Please support his efforts here

IR Vocalist Christiane D Has A New Two Song Release Available On Nimbit Music Site

Christiane D has been involved over the years as a vocalist and lyricist in some of the most epic IR productions
that have truly spanned the globe from Greenland to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific .
Her powerfull vocals can be found on IR traks like “ Eagle Screaming :Red Sky Alight” “Indigenous & …Sacred” and most recently “ Ivere …The Land” . This will a featured track on our upcoming release IR 26 ‘Land Is Not For Sale / Ivere “ which also have artists like Asian Dub Foundation , Soy Sos , Ramjac ,VU and Dr Das . Christiane has just launched a two song teaser OOTE from her upcoming full length solo album. This release contains two songs “ Beautiful Disaster ” and “Either It Will” and is available on the nimbit music site here
Please support this dub courageous artist !

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  1. The music video for Christiane D’s “Beautiful Disaster” can be found here:

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