Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance


Dr Das mogelling a Dubdem design : photo by Ramjac done in V.U lab

Dr Das ‘s militant basslines and remixing abilities have been an integral part of IR from the very beginning of IR .

The first IR release was a blue twelve inch vinyl record with an extensive information foldout on the situation of indigenous people in Brazil.It was given free to the public and distributed around the city of Rio De Janeiro in Brazil by Zumbi in his handrawn cart. His cart drew widespread attention for the image of an indigenous person crying tears of blood that was spray painted on its front by carioca grafitti artist Bragga .

This vinyl record featured a Dr Das remix of an UR ( Underground Resistance ) trak that was a result of an IR collaboration with the Krikati people of Brasil.

Later on IR took this collaboration to another creative level by having legendary Jamaican dubmeister Steven Stanley dub up the mix in Jamaica ; creating a historical musical meeting between Detroit electro and Jamaican dub music. Interestingly during the mixing session Steven Stanley, a former Compass Point engineer who mixed classic Black Uhuru dub albums kept commenting on Dr Das basslines saying “ this bass player is too wikkid! ”

One of the mixes from that session can be found on the IR 25 Dubversive cd  [ available here ]The album also features another Dr Das remix for IR “ Sacred Power :The Dr Das Ragga mix” a track which features the Cree traditional singing of Jimmy Dick from Canada alongside vocals from Tohununo from the Solomon Islands. This remix and youtube video [watch here] for this mix elicted such a positive response espcially from indigenous youth  that we decided it deserved a place on the Dubversive cd.

Ramjac mogelling a Dubdem design photo by Dr Das

Dr Das ‘s bass can also be heard on the “Dubversive” album track “Galdino 2010 :The Adrian Sherwood Karaoke Mix feat Deeder Zaman” and on “Continue To Fight ;Ramjac’s Gloriously Funky Mix”.

Ramjac is another longtime IR collaborator.This ace percussionist, programmer, dj [You can listen to his internet radio station here ] and audio engineer in addition to creating tracks for IR like “ Sacred Land :Ramajc’s F**k Babylon Mix”has also contributed some invaluable mastering & audio engineering for IR .Conversations with folks like “Mad Mike” founder of the radikal Detroit techno outlaws Underground Resistance keyed us in from early on about the importance of mastering . At one of the first meetings IR had with “Mad Mike “ he hooked up his keyboard and proceeded to give us a lesson in the science of frequencies and how they can elict certain emotions. Mad Mike knows his frequencies !!!! He also knows and values how a good mastering engineer can contribute to making a great sounding record.UR records were mastered by the late Ron Murphy who really made an important contribution to the art of making fantastic sounding dance floor vinyl that could be played loud without distortion.The first IR 7 inch a record which was done for theWest Papua Independence movement which  featured Dr Das ,Sun J and Adrian Sherwood among others ;was mastered by Ron Murphy and it was truly an eye opening experience working with him.Ramjac has done some amazing mastering work for IR espcially on the series of 7 inch vinyl records IR did in Jamaica.In particular on the traks featuring Senegalese percussionists that were recorded live in Senegal under very technically challenging circumstances. Ramjac’s mastering and editing made a really significant positive difference and enabled us to put out a great sounding 7 inch record. Ramajc’s engineering abilities can also be heard on the Dr Das solo cd “ Emergency Basslines “ and he also plays live percussion alongside Dr Das in the Emergency Basslines live shows. His contribution to the Dubversive album” Continue To Fight “ which showcases his percussive abilities really lives up to its title of being gloriously funky !!!!!Currently Ramajac is putting the finishing touches to a remix of the IR/Atenco Activists/Asian Dub Foundation collaboration “ This Land Is Not For Sale “ Stay tuned for more on this !!!!!!

These photos of Dr Das and Ramjac with some Dubdem designs were taken in the Visionary Underground lab …..Dubly Dave has done some cool visual remixes of photos from those sessions ..you can check them here…..also worth giving a listen to is the soundcloud page of Dr Das [ here]for some traks that mix dub , noiz and silience & of course….militant basslines !!!!!!


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