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A new video for the track ” Galdino ..Truth Is What We Need Dub .. A Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger Dub Mix”.

Affable dubmaster  Delroy “Fatta” Pottinger   created this dub mix of a Sawandi composition at Anchor studio in Kingston ,Jamaica . The mix took place in an atmosphere enhanced by the dub presence of Sawandi’s 5 year old daughter Sade playing in the studio at the same time ‘ Fatta” was weaving his mixing magic . Seemingly effortlessly “Fatta” skilfully reeled off various gorgeous dub mixes that brought to the foreground Sawandi’s distinctive ethereal synth playing .This mix entitled” Galdino.Truth Is What We Need Dub” can be found on the cd ” IR 25 Dubversive ” .The accompanying video  is a visual dub mix that  attempts to communicate some of the feelings and mood behind the music.For that reason Jah 9 and Tapedave ‘s lyricals are matched to events like the tragic deaths in the fire at Armadale Correctional facility in Jamaica [ read more about Armadale here on the Mothers Of The World Blog ]  .The video itself spotlights various pieces of street art in different parts of the  world that IR coordinated to remember the murder of the indigenous Pataxo activist Galdino Jesus Dos Santos in Brasil.
In the early part of video there are images of indigenous writers, poets, artists, computer programmers , teachers  at a gathering in Brasil. As you can see from the images they are joyful exuberant vibrant folks ,happy to be in one another’s company . In Brasil and in many parts of the world there is so much emphasis on the image of indigenous people as dead or dying and while this video itself is built around the murder of an indigenous man; we wanted to balance this out by showing some images of vibrant indigenous people and the resilience and resistance that signifies. Also in Brasll itself you dont usually  see images like these of indigenous people in the media. Indigenous people are usually just shown only living in the jungle with bows and arrows ,painted up and not much else.The reality is that IR  has met indigenous people living  in practically  every major urban city in brasil and  in alot of smaller urban municipalities also.  The Brazilian media doesn’t usually  show the indigenous people who are writers ,poets, programmers, hackers etc
In this visual mix you will also be seeing a host of street art, posters and photograghy done by dubversive artists like Dubdem, Gaya dub, Labomb, Fabdub , The Ghost ,Chite Yarumo and others in the shadows…. When the mainstream media tries to suppress the truth about certain events and issues ; IR likes to take to the streets and communicate our point of view there .In this video you will also see photos of Sawandi and Dutty Bookman done by a very talented Jamaican photogragher Saybriya Simon ..we were dubbed out  awhile back when we came across this piece of work of hers entitled ” The Trinity Gathering ” check out her great photo here

In the course of the global movements of IR we come across individuals
who though extremely modest in personality and low key in demeanor , simply strike us has having great clarity of thought and subversive/ dubversive potential .One of these individuals is a Jamaican writer & thinker Dutty Bookman.IR follows his blog Duttyism .Recently on his blog he wrote a piece on IR and some of the Jamaican performers highlighted in the aforementioned Galdino Dub video …but for us the real gem inside this dub beautiful piece of writing [ which you can read here ] was the revelation that Dutty had read in public an excerpt of an IR publication ” IR 9 Indigenous& Black Wisdubs” A book which presents both Black & Indigenous philosophy and political thought .
Jamaica like many countries has suffered heavily from the duplicity of politicians / political parties who have pushed certain babilonian definitions of power as a motivation/justification for countless misery inducing actions. They don’t take too kindly to those who challenge their point of view.So for us its particularly subversive for us to watch Dutty choose to read a section of indigenous philosophy from IR9 to a live audience in Jamaica that not only profoundly and radically challenges these concepts of power but is powerfull because at the moment it is so obviously relevant to the context of Jamaica.
His reading in this video not only strikes a chord with those who know intimately the context of Jamaica but IR has already received comments from indigenous people in Chile and activists in Brasil
who have written saying they feel the reading is ” amazing ” and who think it is dub courageous and impressive in the manner in which he made the link between indigenous philosophy and the on the ground situation in Jamaica . You can see him reading from IR9 Wisdubs in the second half of this video its well worth the wait .


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