Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance


Banners by Dubdem on the streets of Rio De Janeiro

A year ago IR & Labomb put up a banner in memory of Galdino Jesus Dos Santos .In an audacious broad day light action the banner was placed on top of a building in the center of the Lapa district near the famous Arcos of Lapa in Rio De Janeiro .To us in a miraculous way this banner is still up there a year later. It has survived  hurricane force storms , massive thunder and wind storms that have actually toppled some structures.Most interesting for  us is the fact is that the banner has survived the social sanitation campaign launched by the city of Rio De Janeiro to clean up the city and make it more “ presentabable “ for the upcoming Olympics and World Cup events to be held in the city. ..The city calls its campaign “ Shock & Order” in reality it has been a campaign of oppression aimed at the economically poorer citizens of the city .People who sell goods and foods on the streets , the homeless, those who squat buildings and  who try to live autonomusly have been some of the targets of this campaign.In addition there has been a rigorous systematic removal of posters , banners,artwork that aren’t sanctioned by the city authorities .In this context we are surprised that the banner is still up there. Yet for many who personally witness the banner first hand they relate that in many ways it has  quietly become a reference point in this part of the city. As someone wrote to us “ its like you are feeling Galdino’s presence watching you with a powerful force” .The fact is that even though the media and  babilon  sistem has suppressed the reality of what happened to Galdino and what continues to happen to many indigenous people and activists ; many in Brasil when they know the whole story of what happened to Galdin are very sympathetic.Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the banner has survived a year up there , no one has tried to steal it or rip it down yet or destroy it . So a year later IR and Labomb have done another Dubversive street action and on a rainy day  put up another Dubdem artistic creation :a special very larged size banner of the new “IR 25 Dubversive “cover art and placed it exactly below the first Galdino banner. One of the themes of this album is an uncensored analysis of what happened to Galdino and the larger social implications of his murder ( cuz in IR we believe that all issues are connected )These tracks feature artists like Sawandi , Jah9 ,Tapedave,The Ghost, Delroy “ Fatta “ Pottinger ,Adrian Sherwood,Skip Mcdonald, D.Wattsriot and Deeder Zaman. Incidently when Deeder Zaman played a live show in Rio where he played live the track”Galdino 2010” it was a stone throw from where this banner was.We have also posted a magnified versiion of the Dubversive poster so you can more  clearly see the details that on it

Dubversive banner artwork by Dubdem

. The album IR Dubversive album also features longtime IR collaborators Dr Das , Ramjac , Tohununu , Asian Dub Foundation Soy Sos and Christiane D among others . The album is available from Cd baby here and Itunes here .You can listen to and  download some  Galdino tracks on the Indigenous Resistance Soundcloud page here as well on the page of another IR conspirator Radioatividade  ( this page is in portugese ) here .



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