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Deeder Zaman And Louis Beckett Burning Babylon On IR 25 Dubversive Cd

Deeder Zaman before going on stage at free concert in memory of Galdino in Brasil.Photo by Fabdub

Deeder Zaman is present on three tracks on the just released “IR 25 Dubversive” cd.One of the mixes that he is featured on is “Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 ” a D.WattsRiot mix.The track is about the Galdino Jesus Dos Santos a Pataxo activist was set on fire “as a joke” by the sons of judges and lawyers in Brasilia and who died from 3rd degree burns to 90 % of his body.Since his murder in 1997 there has a been a consistently muted coverage and remembrance of what has happened to Galdino in Brazil. This stands out in stark contrast to the great fanfare and media coverage each year on the anniversary of the death of the journalist Tim Lopes.Recently during a military operation in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro the murderer of Tim Lopes was captured .His capture was given full blown treatment in print ,radio and televison.It was deemed the story of the day.Yet Galdino’s case never receives this kind of attention and certainly Galdino’s freed murderers don’t have the comfort of their present day existence scrutinised by the media in Brazil.Deeder working in conjunction with IR and Dubdem Soundsystem early in 2010 did a free concert in memory of Galdino.One of the highlights of this effort was that Deeder was able to break some of the silience on the case of Galdino by talking about it in interviews . This resulted in the biggest print publication in Rio de Janeiro publishing an interview which highlighted Galdino .And in total subversive/dubversive style when interviewed by MTV Brasil anticipating the possibility that the channel which is known in Brazil for its apolitical stance might edit out comments on Galdino; Deeder wore an IR t shirt with Galdino ‘s face on it and performed live in front of a huge backdrop designed by Dubdem which showed Galdino’s face.MTV of course filmed some of his performance and presented it as part of their feature on Deeder. Deeders ‘ comments on Galdino were edited out but it was impossible for them to take out the images of Galdino. Therefore the powerful images of Galdino’s face which aptly conveys the humanity of this person who was murdered ;was broadcast all across Brasil. This generated alot of comments in Brasil.
It is important for us to realise that one of the common tactics of the system in attempting to justify genocide is to dehumanise the people they kill. Therefore
its a powerfully subversive moment when people can put a face to Galdino and realise that this was a human being .. someone with a family ,,, someone with grieving loved ones, that this was the person who was so horribly murdered .When these images that were part of Deeder’s performance were broadcast ,for many Brasilians this was the first time they were seeing Galdino’s face.
So big up to Deeder for the dubversion! He’s currently putting the finishing touches to a  new album “Pride Of The Underdog” done in conjunction with legendary dubmaster Adrian SherwoodLook for it on the On U Sound label!

One of the tracks Deeder contributed for IR25 Dubversive was the piece ” Brothers and Sisters:Deeder Zaman’s Burning Babylon Mix’ .This is great roots reggae track .One of the folks who worked on this track was Louis Beckett. Louis has worked as a sound engineer on many great On u Sound productions and ADF albums but in addition to this Louis quite simply one of the absolutely best live mixing engineers IR has ever seen in action . He has toured extensively with ADF as their live show engineer.On the Asian Dub Foundation tour of Brasil IR watched Louis Beckett perform mixing miracles making ADF sound great in some acoustically atrocious venues. Now if you want to see Louis in action albeit in a different capacity 🙂 check out this clip of a raucous ADF reunion performance of “Rebel Warrior ” featuring Chandrasonic, Dr Das, John Pandit and Deeder Zaman earlier this year.The vibrant raw energy of the performance of this song was enhanced by some great pogoing by Louis Beckett who unannounced invaded the stage. Check it out , its sure to bring a smile to your face.

The dub folks at Rebel Sounds :Comunidad Sonora in Spain just posted some material on IR 25 Dubversive in spanish .Check out their blog at
rebelsounds.blogspot.com. And while you are in the area check out ear conditioning blog and radio show coming out of Tenerife .Looking for ammunition for the struggle ….. This is the place .

Our comrades in LaBomb in Brasil were kind enough to translate another recent post we did on Galdino .So for folks in Brasil and other portugese speaking countries here is the translation:
Galdino de Jesus Santos foi um ativista Patoxo indígena que foi tragicamente assassinado no Brasil, na capital Brasília em 1997. Foi participar de uma reunião sobre direitos indígenas e, Galadino perdeu o último ônibus para o seu alojamento como é costume no brasil; Galdino foi dormir em uma calçada para esperar o primeiro ônibus da manhã. Filhos de juízes e advogados, jogaram gasolina sobre Galdino como uma piada e acenderam fogo. Ele morreu com 90% do seu corpo queimado. As ações desses assassinos é um indicativo de como as pessoas com poder econômico no Brasil tratam aqueles que vêem como impotentes.
Nos anos desde sua morte, temos testemunhado como no Brasil, a mídia não tem dado uma cobertura, definitivamente silenciando quando se trata de lembrar a morte de Galdino. Agravando o estado atual dos direitos indígenas no Brasil, com questões como a demarcação de terras e a exploração dos recursos.
por tapedave descrevem bem a dinâmica:
Para Galdino

os pobres morrem esquecidos varridos para debaixo

do tapete

as fofocas ricos e famosos é a sua droga noturna

há novidades, se todo mundo sabe seu nome

os pobres morrem por culpa deles que, a culpa

a morrer rico e famoso e obter o hiphophype mídia

a morrer rico e famoso e obter o hiphophype mídia

indígenas morrem

assassinado mesmo

e, não há notícias

nem mesmo


pedaço ”

* Musica con esse lettras es parte de nova disc de Indigenous Resistance chaman “IR 25
Dubversive” con 12 faixas disponsivel aqui Nome de faixa es ” Galdino:Pataxo Warrior . Sawandi’s Defiance In The Shadows Mix” esse faixa tive lettras en portugese y ingles y tem a participação especial de Jah 9,Sawandi,ZMB , Cantores Pataxo ,The Ghost, Delroy “Fatta ” Pottinger & Tapedave.Tambien en otro faixas disc voce pode encontra Dr Das,Ramjac,Asian Dub Foundation, Deeder Zaman,Adrian Sherwood,D. WattsRiot ,Christiane D ,Soy Sos y mucho otros.Vc pode baixar un faixa gratis aqui

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