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IR 25 Dubversive Cd Now Available On Itunes & CD Baby

Cover of IR 25 Dubversive .Artwork by Dubdem

IR 25 Dubversive cd is now available on Itunes and Cd Baby.You can read the full track listings and musician /studio credits for IR 25 Dubversive at this special page IR has created for this album .If you want to read a great article that gives an insight into why some folks icluding us at IR believe in the value of releasing vinyl and cd releases check this.This same piece of writing also talks about the importance of who masters your work.To this end the Dubversive CD contains some traks such as Ramjac’s ” Continue To Fight “, Freshmints” “She Crying For Many ” and D.WattsRiots’ ” Gadino Jesus Dos Santos 2010″ that were specially remastered for this release by ace jamaican engineer “Spiderman ” .Now Spiderman also mastered for this album the roots reggae tracks ” Brothers and Sisters : Deeder Zamans’ Burning Babylon Mix” and ” Luana : Soy Sos Mix”. Spiderman is one of the great old school jamaican engineers who worked at studios like the famed Channel One and who worked on what many consider two of the greatest roots releases to ever come out of Jamaica ‘Black heart Man ” by Bunny Wailer and “Groundation” by Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelations of Rastafari” Bunny Wailer who is known as being a perfectionist for getting the right sound on his releases when it comes time for mastering heads straight to Spiderman; nuff said.
Keep checking back to this blog as we will provide dubversive insights into various traks on this new release.

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