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An IR Dubversive Insight Into Trak “Ivere..” with Christiane D.

The lead off track on the IR 25 Dubversive cd  ” Ivere..The Land” is the result of a creative colloboration that stretched across the oceans between   Soy Sos and Christiane D  ( members of  the band Soma Mestizo ) in Pittsburgh and  musician Olovotu in Sosolakam .The exchange took place solely by internet . Producer and engineer Soy Sos utilising his studio wizardry and great intuitive musical abilities to create a dynamic mix that serves as a canvas to to highlight the vocals prowess of Christiane D and Olovotu .The piece features some hard hitting lyrics about deforestation and enviromental damage.In this video one of the two vocalists and lyricists on the trak talks about the process of making of the piece and the lyrics she created for the piece.

This video includes a special cameo performance by the aboriginal drum group ” High Ridge Singers ” as well as images of deforestation in the Solomon Islands and Brazilian Amazon.
In the video the viewer will notice there are natural pauses and moments of silience .IR deliberately did not edit these moments out . Our goal was to make a dubstyle video as opposed to a video consistent with fast flowing commercial tv broadcast presentations.[ Our apologies for uneveness of volume in the video but it was edited with very limited equipment and under difficult circumstances ]An appreciation of silience is a key element in a good dub mix and in various indigenous cultures silience takes on a special significance as these words from Solomon Islander Tohununu describes:

“when you are quiet
you are connected
your silence brings out
your understanding that
you are part of the sacred world
and your connection to it
It’s the silence that connects you
to the sacred world
In the sacred way
you see your meaning

The money world
is full of noise
people making noise
because they
are afraid of silence “

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