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Jah 9 ,Tapedave Add Extra Lyrical Punch To Sawandi’s Newly Released Galdino Remix


cover art for "IR 24.2 Galdino Pataxo Warrior " artwork by dubdem


“The poor die forgotten swept under the rug
for the rich and the famous gossip is their nightly drug
news is news when everyone knows your name
but who is really to blame

indigenous resistance to the media hype 
truth is what they need
so it isnt what they like
indigenous resistance to the status quo
truth is what you need 
now its time you know
now its time you know”
 excerpt from  Galdino : Pataxo Warrior lyrics by Jah9 & tapedave  
This new colloborative project has just been released on international digital download platforms like itunes   | Believe Digital France  
Musically its a rich stew with diverse elements from different parts of the world .Orator Zumbi and  Indigenous Pataxo people from Brazil  perform alongside artists from Jamaica like Sawandi and Jah9 who are not only talented  but  socially conscious artists who also contribute their time to community and youth empowering  organisations like Manifesto/Ja. The addition of real drums by Blackush Macnuff and the masterful  dub mixing talents of Delroy “Fatta ” Pottinger at Anchor Studios in Jamaica gives the track a real  yardwise dub feel.
But this project is much  more than just a musical release, its part of a continuous  process of collective resistance with individuals in various continents of the world pooling their talents to resist injustice .Read about the process of making this track here .The case of Galdino Jesus Dos Santos is an example of a case of injustice the system tried to sweep under the rug and where our sense of outrage refused to accept this .As the excerpts of lyrics from the track show: the framework of what happened to Galdino can  and does occur  in various parts of the world  wether it be in Jamaica or Brazil .As we share information and experiences we achieve a better understanding of how the beast works in different parts of the world  and how we can combat it.If we witness things that outrage us we have various tools of protest and means of communicating alternative points of views using tools like postering , grafitti , publications,zines,blogging,filming and posting online occurences of injustice/ police brutality ,creating empowering collectives ,staging autonomos events are just a few of many options available. And if by chance you feel isolated in your location reach out to others …cyberspace can provide one  with a means to link with action orientated folks.Some may choose to work publicly or some like most of us in IR choose to work in the shadows but regardless of  the choice of strategy ,  the defiance must continue !!!!!!
As musical   agitator    d.wattsriot says “resistance is fertile”

A passing bredren eyeing an IR Galdino posters on the streets of Jamaica

One Response to “Jah 9 ,Tapedave Add Extra Lyrical Punch To Sawandi’s Newly Released Galdino Remix”

  1. Resistence is Fertile
    thats the point…..lets fight warriors

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