Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance


cover art by dubdem

Due to popular demand I.R has made two of its publications available once again .
The first publication is “IR9 Indigenous And Black Wisdubs. Indigenous and Black Philosphy & Political Thought” . This book reflects indigenous and black political thought that the author gleaned through working with radical indigenous & black people in the Pacific,the Caribbean,Africa and North America.The reader has the opportunity to hear from John Trudell,Assata Shakur ,Jeannette Armstrong,Douglas Cardinal,Jean”Binta “Breeze ,Tohununu and Pesio.This book is available here
and readers by quoting this coupon code BEACHREAD305 will receive a 15 % discount off the purchase price.
Also newly available is “Understanding The Connections Between Black & Aboriginal Peoples” By Ragingblakkindian Dub.
This book is a contemporary look at the cultural and political connections that have existed between black and indigenous peoples.From the ancient temple site of Peru’s Machu Picchu to the shores of the Brazilian Amazon to an isolated Black Indian community in the Bolivian mountains to a meeting with Black Indian techno musicians in Detroit this is a book that mixes the ancient with the contemporary and expands the scope of the discussion of the Black Indian connection in a way not previously imagined.Available
here.During the summer those who are resident in u.s.a will receive free shipping when you buy a copy .


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