Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance

IR 24:GALDINO 2010

Darren Monaghan reached out across cyberspace and generously created this video for the trak”Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 The D. WattsRiot Mix”.Esse video criado por Darren Monoghan es por esse musica de D. WattsRiot que lembra indio Pataxo: Galdino Jesus Dos Santos.

Dub For Galdino ...a dubdem visual mix

I.R will be releasing “Galdino 2010” on the 25th of March 2010.It will feature Adrian Sherwood, Deeder Zaman, the Ghost, Paxato Singers, Zumbi, Skip McDonald, Dr Das, Brendon Harding,Manolin,Arka Medin and D.Wattsriot.
Tracks will include “Galdino 2010 Deeder Zaman vocal mix “,”Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 D.WattsRiot mix ” & “Galdino 2010 Adrian Sherwood karaoke mix” You can watch for a video created Darren Monaghan for the Sherwood Karaoke Mix by clicking here

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