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IR 24:GALDINO 2010

Darren Monaghan reached out across cyberspace and generously created this video for the trak”Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 The D. WattsRiot Mix”.Esse video criado por Darren Monoghan es por esse musica de D. WattsRiot que lembra indio Pataxo: Galdino Jesus Dos Santos.

Dub For Galdino ...a dubdem visual mix

I.R will be releasing “Galdino 2010” on the 25th of March 2010.It will feature Adrian Sherwood, Deeder Zaman, the Ghost, Paxato Singers, Zumbi, Skip McDonald, Dr Das, Brendon Harding,Manolin,Arka Medin and D.Wattsriot.
Tracks will include “Galdino 2010 Deeder Zaman vocal mix “,”Galdino Jesus Dos Santos 2010 D.WattsRiot mix ” & “Galdino 2010 Adrian Sherwood karaoke mix” You can watch for a video created Darren Monaghan for the Sherwood Karaoke Mix by clicking here Recorded in Brazil ,Canary Islands and the U.K ,this project could never have happpened without the great generosity and commitment of the folks involved.For this we give thanxs.The recording will be available on Itunes,Emusic,Amazon and other digital platforms through our french distributor Believe Digital.Journalists & djs can contact us through I.R website www.dubreality.com and tapedave to receive special press kit and traks from” IR24 Galdino 2010″ .In the meantime with the help of many we continue our efforts to honor Galdino and foil the sistem’s attempts to try and sweep what happened to him and what is currently happening to indigenous people in Brazil under the rug.
These lyricals by tapedave aptly describe the dynamics of the current media response
For Galdino
the poor die forgotten swept under the rug
the rich & famous gossip is their nightly drug
news is news if everyone knows your name
the poor die their fault they’re to blame

the rich and famous die and get the media hiphophype
the rich and famous die and get the media hiphophype
die indigenous
murdered even
and it’s not news
not even

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