Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance

Radio Free I.R Dubreality Broadcasts

dubdem visual mixing

a dubdem visual mix

Now you can enjoy two versions of the first episode in the Radio Free I.R Dubreality Broadcasts.
This is an uninterrupted free flowing live mix by Dj Rodrigo in Bogota , Colombia utilising european and jamaican IR vinyl releases and a special musical guest appearance by Underground Resistance. A musical voyage encompassing everything from dub, jungle, detroit techno, electro, drum n bass and a lot more ….. incorporating the participation of indigenous performers from Sosolakam, Solomon Islands, Brasil, Colombia, Chile and Turtle Island.
Here are the two options:
Audiophiles can listen to a super high quality audio mix (320 kps)
that available on the podomatic website .Search for “dubreality podcast” or cut and paste this link: http://dubreality.podomatic.com/

Or they can subscribe to the Itunes enhanced version which has the tracks separated with additional images & text with the audio at 192 kps .You can receive this enhanced version by cutting and pasting this  link: http://xrl.us/benqws

PoDubology for this broadcasts by tapedave, prasonik, dubdem and the ghost.EQ ing magic provided by francisco ximenez.

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