Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance

New Double Cd “IR 15 REVOLTA”

Indigenous Resistance has just released a new double cd” IR15 Revolta” .It features contributions from

dr das, ramjac,tapedave, asian dub foundation, underground resistance,assata shakur, angela davis,adrian sherwood, soy sos , christiane d.,freshmint,chuck d, benjamin zephaniah,tuhununo, saevo, jimmy dick,kokonda dub,dubdem soundsystem,IR 15 REVOLTA

 a dubdem visual mix

a dubdem visual mix

dj pulse among others alongside indogenous people from Brasil, West Papua New Guinea,Turtle Island,Fiji,Solomon Islands &Sosolakam.

Musically the cd explores a wide range of musical styles from dub, drum n  bass, jungle, electro, funk ,house at the the same

incorporating traditional indigenous singing and instrumentation from around the world.

This double cd is available from Believe Digital in France and various digital download sites like itunes,fnac music, nokia music store etc.

to arrive at the Believe site for this cd  in order to access digital downloads copy and paste this link


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