Dub Reality
Indigenous Resistance


I.R video “Sacred Power” directed by mapuchedub & fourthworld dub and edited by Kwan will be screened on October 18 as part of the indigenous film &video festival “ImagineNATIVE” held in Toronto ,Canada.The video features photos by baadziis and music by Dr Das & cree chants by Jimmy Dick.

I.R is set to release 2 new cds”IR15 Revolta” and “IR17 Sacred Power:The Steven Stanley Mixes”.They will be distributed by europe’s leading digital distributors of independent music Believe( http://www.believedigital.com) .Stay tuned for more info.

Check out july issue of The Wire magazine (uk) for interview with Mark Stewart where he discusses I.R.

There are new videos done by Fourthworld Dub for the traks”Krikati Empowerment Mix” and “Krikati Power Surge Mix” two traks from ” IR14 Direct Action Dubmissions”.

The empowerment video was filmed on the Amazon river in Brasil and also feature grafitti done in Bogota Colombia which was part of the I.R worldwide grafitti project “IR16 Sacred Landings”.A free downloadable book designed by tapedave on this project will be upcoming.You can view the “Empowerment ” video at this link http://tinyurl.com/5dnwrq

The video for “Krikati Surge Mix” seeks to challenge many of the preconceptions and stereotypes about indigenous people in Brasil espcially the notion that they don’t present their own independent resistance to the brutality and discrimination they face.I.R also takes this opportunity to make the links to indigenous peoples in India. You can view this video at this link http://tinyurl.com/6mte5z

underground resistance meets indigenous resistance

underground resistance meets indigenous resistance:a tapedave visual dubmissive


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